If Something is Really Important to You, Chances Are it Will Take Time to Create!

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Business author Tom Peters — best known for the book "In Search of Excellence" — likes to use the phrase "Everything important in life takes time!”

Although I don't read or study much in the way of conventional business teachings, it's one of those concepts that has long been with me, and that I have often applied to my own life and endeavors.

Random bubbles drifting by...

I suppose what made me remember and consider the value of patience and perseverance is this strange industry the Cryptosphere is... seems like everyone approaches it from the perspective of instant riches.

"When Moon?" people ask, without taking the time to truly work out and understand what they are dealing with. Similarly, 90% of crypto/blockchain projects are driven more by fast movement than long term sustainability.

But this idea doesn't just apply to this particular circus we're part of... it applies to all of life.


"Fast food" is... well... fast, but a 5-star gourmet dinner takes time to prepare. Food happens to be important to me, so I take the time to do things "properly" and I take the time to make "real" food, every day.

Building a sustainable community takes time, and is a very different proposition from "having a party next weekend." Sustainable communities happen not because someone airdrops flyers from a plane into major metro areas, but because friends tell friends, and those friends tell friends, and so on.

And a one-night stand is a very different proposition from a life-long union. People often get that one wrong... little wonder the divorce rate is over 50%!

You can pitch a tent in minutes and it's certainly shelter, but it's very different from building the home you plan to spend the rest of your life in!


In this strange world of ours, where speed (of everything) seems to be so highly valued, it seems like the primary "hurry up" paradigm stands in direct contradiction with the notion of building lasting value.

Of course, the cynic in me could argue that there's no "profit" in creating lasting value... because you can't declare it obsolete and sell people a new one every 30 minutes!

What's more, sometimes it feels like we have reached a point where there's simply not enough time to pause and take the time it takes to create those things that are most important to us. And when we do? We run the risk that the infrastructure we were building on has been changed by those who are in such a hurry.

People often tell me that my deliberate contemplations on the value of slowness is just a sign that I am getting old, but this has been something I've been deeply interested in since I was quite young.


Most things I've gotten involved with I have started/joined from the perspective that it would likely take years to become anything. Heck, even when I originally joined Steem Hive, I was looking to give this place "the good old college try" for five years before deciding what sort of lasting promise it would have... or not.

I've still got ten months to go, on that!

What's interesting to me is that here in our 5th year, things finally seem to be coming together and there's some kind of forward movement for the greater community to suggest that a lasting impression on the alternative Internet social space is being created here.

If there was one thing I would wish for more people in my life, it is patience! Because thinking long term is how we build a future that won't collapse like a house of cards...

Of course, that's just my opinion. Your mileage may vary...

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of your week!

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