RE: "Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto!" But Just Where DO You Put Your Trust?

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I get that! And it also points towards one of the broader challenges facing the entire cryptocurrency field... namely that it's still really complicated for most people to understand.

We live in a world where the default level of complexity is "log in with Facebook," so what we're doing here seems like nuclear physics to most outsiders.

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I hope I don't get stoned for saying this, but I don't really care a lot about how it works or why, I just want to post occasionally (sometimes I post more than others), read, comment, take what's given and not think about it a lot more than that. One day if I actually want to take something out, I'll have to learn more.


Oh, I'm not very far from where you are!

I'm basically a blogger and content creator first and outside of this, the rewards and what thereof follows I view as a sort of "exotic savings account," a bit like that "Acorns" investment group that rounds up all your payments on your debit card to the next whole dollar and dumps the "cents" into an investment account you can withdraw five years later.