Welcome to #HivePUD 🚨UPDATED🚨 (Hive Power Up Day), August 1st 2021

While technically in my little corner of the world there's still a handful of hours left in July (I'm posting

“Invisible Internet Money:” The Cryptosphere Still Has a LONG Way to Go!

This morning I had somewhat of a surprise email from an old friend I’ve known since my University days. We don’t have much contact because…

Welcome to the Cryptosphere! We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay! The Weather Changes Every Five Minutes...

With some dread, a lot of people watched the price of Bitcoin sink below $30,000. Is it all just going to melt away? Is the world coming…

Money and Finance: You’re Pre-Approved! (To be Forever Caught in the Debt Trap)

Because we've been working on improving our overall financial situation, and hereunder improving our credit scores (that infamous thing…

Welcome to #HivePUD (Hive Power Up Day), July 1st 2021

First, let me say Happy Hive Hard Fork Day , everyone! We've achieved Equilibrium without any major issues, thanks to all the hard work…

Crypto Investing: A Few Cents Here and a Few Cents There — My Own Microstrategy!

A lot of people — when they hear the word ”Investing” — immediately think about People With Money™ buying stocks, bonds…

It's DOGE for the Win! Another One Gets Crypto — but not Like You Think!

Even though our kids — 30, 32 and 33 — are well aware that Mrs. Denmarkguy and I are involved in Bitcoin and the cryptosphere, they have…

The Emergence of Crypto Art: Auction Giants Sotheby's and Christie's Selling NFTs!

It certainly seems like NFT's are really hitting the big time these days! Because I've worked in the business end of art for a long…

How Did I Get to Hive, and Why Am I Still Here? A Challenge by @themarkymark

Every now and then, I feel inclined to look back and "formally" record a bit of history. So when @themarkymark recently asked…

How did you get here and why are you still here?

Do you remember how you found your way to Hive? Was it your first interaction with crypto? If not, what was? Why are you here…

Money Talks: Early Lessons About Money and Investing — The Promise of Passive Income

As I have alluded to on past occasions, my dad ”inducted” me into the world of money and investing at an early age. We went to the…

"Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto!" But Just Where DO You Put Your Trust?

Late last year my primary desktop computer suddenly "black screened," and its sudden failure got me to thinking about an issue we…