Would separation of money and the state solve the economic problems in world???

I just watched a very interesting video that talked about how to end economic problems, which the idea to do that is going to be favorable…

Leofinance Engagement: Top 100

We are doing our best to make sure that engagement remains high on Leofinance. This is a worthwhile proposition and it is terrific to see…

Ask leo : Is Cub token forgotten, are we preparing for the development awaiting cub

Hello Hive. My first entry into the defi market was through Cub token. The airdrop drew my attention to it and since it was…

Luna Fiasco: When In Doubt Just Fork

Just finished reading Do Kwon’s tweet on the future of LUNA and it’s investors. I must say, Do Kwon is looking like someone who might just…

Little Yet Important Milestone in the Den & in Hive

Being a new cub in the lion's den (Leo Finance), my only goal was to learn things and grow my account in the process. I am mostly behind…

¡Baja el Hive, suben los hivers…! | Hive down, hivers up...! [ESP/ENG]

En la última semana hemos visto una estrepitosa caída de nuestro token; algo que no deja de sorprendernos porque habíamos tenido vario

Showing Web3 and HIVE to High School Students [ENG-ESP] Mostramos la Web3 y HIVE a Estudiantes de Bachillerato

Greetings Hivers. We have been working hard these days. Today we show you an activity that took place on Saturday May 7th at the Benjamin…

The Begining of an Influence || Hive introductory post

Hello everyone! I'm Ifeoluwa - a multi-instrumentalist, a researcher and an academician. I joined hive after developing muc

New Cub in the Block, Where to Start?

Recently, the engagement is buzzing and it's good to see new cubs getting involved and coming up the ranks in the Leo Engagement…

That moment when a LeoFinance content creator gets a response from "Mr President"

It has been one hell of a bloodbath in the crypto market considering just a week ago Bitcoin was trading at a high $39,874.56, the last 24…

UST, Algo stables and pHBD arbitrage opportunity

Algo coins have been in the crosshairs for a while now. UST in particular has felt it the hardest because it deviated from the peg. The…

Way to monetize your niche with zero capital.

Hello dear friends, this goes for people that are yet to know about Hive. If you made it here then congratulations becau


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Leo Challenge: The Real Value of HBD

The real value of HBD differs in countries, while one is high, another may be low. The current binance value for 1 HBD in Nigeria currency…

The Hive Engagement League 🏆

Welcome to the Hive Engagement League! Thank you to everyone who sponsors and supports the EL, your kindness is appreciated! If you…

Happy May HivePUD Everyone!

Wow! I cannot believe it's May already - or that it's 2022 for that matter 🤣 As it's the 1st of May today, means that it is #HivePUD -…

Fiat Maximalist: The $25 Bitcoin Rejection

So I watched this video where Warren Buffet was talking about how Bitcoin is so worthless to him that if you offered all the bitcoin in…

May! A fresh start! pHBD-USDC! Saving HBD! Power Up!

All my saved HBD is gone! Yes, that's right. I liquidated some of it to Hive for gas fees and used most of them to enter the pHBD-USDC…

Power Up Day, May 1st [ENG-SP]

Caracas main highway, last Sunday A new start of the month means a Power Up day at Hive. And like every month since last November, I…

I wish I could..........

Transportation is of immense importance in everyone's life who has something to do outside one's residence. The accessibility and…