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Yesterday was very interesting. Not only did I get to meet a special someone, I got a glimpse as to why most of our youths are still the same and not moving forward.

A question. When you are given ½ cup of flour, milk and sugar then asked to make bread is it enough? Absolutely not. But I can just get an egg with a table spoon of sugar and make pancakes. Also, I can't really take lemons so I'll just take my time squeezing out the juice, dilute with water and adding some honey– lemonade.

Please take note that both examples require you give something– material, effort and time. If you want something especially financially speaking, you have to give something.

It was our family prayer meeting and the Pep Talk section was very interesting. Olatunji, from my extended family raised a question, "why study when I won't end up doing what I really want to do because the opportunities don't present themselves?"

The elders went ahead to point out several points as to why education is vital in our lives. If there's one thing I told myself, School is for my improvement. You don't go to school because you'd get a job and make a lot of money. Sadly, that's the mentality of a lot of youths which lead them to tag school as "scam". School isn't scam, it's just not a means to an end but a step further into your field.


Whether in Nigeria or any part of the world, we need to understand that Opportunities don't create themselves. We create them, chase them and find them. @josediccus talked about exposure in one of his articles and this is very vital to any foundation you are laying for yourself.

Now, this men disagreed with me when I pointed out this fact and proceeded to say how Nigeria lacks opportunities and how Tunji would be someone else if he wasn't in the country. I'll tell you what Tunji does. I suspect he's my junior but he's a software geek. Remember my post about wanting to meet someone who could help create VR stuff with computers? Apparently I had one in the family! I've seen his art, he creates games and even worked part time in website designing for some companies. He can mimick cartoon voices. He's multi talented. They pointed this out to support their statement. As the woman I am, I turned to Tunji and asked: "Do you have a Facebook page? An Instagram page? A YouTube channel? A Blog or website of yours?" To all this questions he answered NO. NO! NO!! What? And he designs websites.

"Okay. Did you at least try promoting what you do or talk about it?"

He looks at me weirdly and says "No". My goodness! I look at him like he has three heads because he does. I ask him "why the hell not?"

"Because I like to stay hidden." He replies.

"Dude, how are you complaining of opportunities when you practically throw them away?"

This time he doesn't reply me but keeps silent. When the living room is silent and allows me to speak I tell them how they're practically being stupid. How can you not work for something but expect the world to come crawling at your feet?


If you don't have opportunities, create them! This is the mind of Success. The Nickelodeon stars they pointed out, most were just ordinary kids who were chosen because their YouTube channels reached a lot of people. So what are you talking about?

To be successful you need Content and Medium. The content is what you give to the world, what they want, what they need and the medium is how you go about it. This is the main reason for the internet.

These other guys then bring up the fact that their music isn't selling or gaining recognition because there are no Opportunities! If you ask me, they didn't take it seriously enough. They felt so at ease and decided that the "system" was at fault.

Most of our billionaires were diswashers, laborers, waiters and something much more demoralizing. But they "decided" that they wanted to be among the top 20.


Nigeria has taken to blaming their country when they really don't do anything to add value to their lives. They don't set goals, have plans or get into action. They just sit, content with collecting less than they are worth at the end of the month.

I'll say this again. Opportunities don't create themselves. They come when you plan for them. One thing I have experienced with Goal Setting is that it attracts the right things toward you.

This is the same with the business world. You want 50,000 in thirty days, be ready to put in 500,000. You want $500, be ready to stake $50. You can't have it for free. Nothing worth it comes free. It takes Time, Effort, Resource and lastly, People.



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This is amazing stuff Deraa

Education is important as much as learning a skill and using your gift is important.


Thank you very much for reading.


This is a very good post. You are doing a really good job.

All that is left is...


Thank you for the encouragement.