BATTLE MAGE SECRETS: We Have No Air Bender To Bend Aim True Ruleset

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Hello guys, welcome back again my Share Your Battle weekly challenge Splinterlands Post. Today we have Aang the air bender as our main theme. This kid can bend any incoming attacks, making any Aim True become useless

Unfortunately We do not have A'ang here, what we have is Venator Kinjo. He is Bald, same as A'ang but he can not bend any incoming attacks. So let's have our weekly challenge here, BATTLE MAGE SECRETS, a new concept of weekly challenge which replace our beloved SHARE YOUR BATTLE weekly challenge. Regarding to this bald guys topic, this week BATTLE MAGE SECRETS is about AIM TRUE.

Aim True Ruleset is a ruleset that makes every monsters in battlefield can not miss any of their target. All attacks will land successfully so foreget about blind, flying dodge, and phase ability.

Because this is my second post and I am posting this one near deadline, so I won't make this as a long one. I believe everyone already know the detailed knowledge about this AIM TRUE ruleset, so let see the battle to get some reference.

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We had 3 rulesets here, the first one was AIM TRUE, our main ruleset topic in this week. The other two were:

  1. Even Stevens : Only monsters who have even mana cost can join this battle
  2. Explosive Weaponry : All monsters will have blast ability.

So what we should do next? From these rulesets and 39 manacap, we could set some strategy based on these logics:

  • Fire monsters are full will good Odds mana monsters, while life has some good even mana monsters. I am going with Dragon here, and life is my secondary element
  • 39 manacap, better I go with 6 monsters at any cost
  • Explosive Weaponry : either I pick some monsters with heal ability, or some with Reflection Shield.

So here was my plan:

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
Summoner-1 range an -1 SpeedI need Quix the Devious, I believe he is one of the best summoner out there. Actually I want to pick Life Element, but General Sloan won't fit my plan because he offers +1 range damage only.

The Tank

We have blast here, I think I should go with double tank. It's too bad I do not have Corsair Bosun so Venator Kinjo will be the decisive semi tank due to his Reflection Shield.

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
Main TankThorn, EnrageCheap and Super powerful, that's why I like Djinn Chwala a lot. He is one of the best text book tank you can get, and his only weakness is he does not have a heal ability
SecondReflection Shield, Camouflage, Immunity, SlowReflection Shield is all I want from him however level 3 Kinjo has a slow ability which somehow I think this makes him every special

The Team

Ok now the rest of the team... they are a bunch of damage dealer, and my main monster is Pelacor Arbalest. I put him on behind and hopefully he can keep killing opponents and leads the team to victory.

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
ThirdSlow, RustThe best choice in my meta. She has Slow, which together with Kinjo and Quix, they will make all opponents become Sloth-like, or Snail-like, or any slow animal you like to call it. Rust is very important regarding I am focusing on Range Attack (physical), so opponent will suffer damage directly
FourthTank Heal, dispelMany people have not realized yet that Venary Crystalsmith is one of the core Life Element monsters in Modern Format. She is the only Life element tank healer you can get in modern format that's why she always be my main support monster. She does not stand out but her stats is enough for her to keep up with any top notch monsters.
FifthDouble Strike, FlyMy main damage dealer and the core of my team. With true aim ruleset, double strike is very lethal. especially we have an extra blast ability from explosive weaponary ruleset here.
LastSwiftnessI am going total speed up here, and I will need supply runner Swiftness ability. It's debatable who should sit on the last, but I set supply runner because I think I will meet a sneak attacker and I prefer to guard my Pelacor Arbalest better than anyone other monsters in my team



Click The Image Above To See the Full Battle


This was a Diamond League Modern Rank Battle. I was using Backrrsantan account, a scholarship account from Bulldog1205, our famous and favorite streamer.

Both parties looked to have a good meta. I came with a Speedy direct attack meta and they came with a combination attack: Direct - Sneak - Opportunity. Let see how this would go



  • The battle started with both of us Buffing up our team and debuffing our opponents. Look at how many buff they had, as expected from a Diamond Level opponents.
  • My opponent came with 13 Melee damage, and 3 range damage. combined all they became 16 damage per round.
  • My team had 4 Melee Damage, 2 magic Damage and 7 range damage. A total 13 Damage per round. Look like my opponent was leading here.



  • Round 2 started with both of us losing a team member.

  • It looked like my side was more miserable with Time Mage and Pelacor Arbalest, both were my Aces, in near death condition



  • Speed brought advanteges, I maanged to put their Ducmakle onto main tank position. This secure my Time Mage and Pelacor Arbalest from sneak attacks



  • This was the last round. It was a close call

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I won the battle although the first round things went rough. My opponent definitely came with a lot stronger team, What mistakes did he do ? Let's see some point we have got from this battle

Aim True + Explosive Weaponry = Why Would You Need Defense?

Seriously these two rulesets are offensive ruleset. Your firebpower will be doubled, maybe tripled... In this situation you should not play defensively because the offense you can send is a lot more precious than any form of protection.

Having a Chaos Knight as backline wall was a big mistake here. This is the same as you are giving a one monster handicap to your opponent, and in this case maybe the same as two monsters handicap. Thats why despite he had a lot more stronger team, leading the first round, then he lost due to this handicap.

Aim True Ruleset demands some healers and repairmen

Aim True ruleset makes us can not avoid damages. So repair, heal, and tank heal play greater part here. So despite my opponent having more health poin, they still lost because none healed them.

Enrage Monsters Are Super Duper Dangerous in Aim True+Blast

Enrage makes your damage and speed increase as you get damaged


In my case, Djinn Chwala Rose up and going berserk killing his target and blasting them off with that 6 melee damage. This condition became the main game changer. Becareful having an opponent with enraged condition, especially during Aim True ruleset, or Blast ruleset, or the worst, those both rulesets.

Ok that's all for today post. Have fun with your AIM TRUE battles!!

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Thank you for visiting my BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge, don't forget to leave your comments and feedback below. There are credits in this post for these people:

  • @splinterlands : for holding weekly social media challenge events
  • carrieallen : for ultimate markdown tutorial
  • bulldog1205 : for providing me a scholar account ~ blackrssantan
  • thepeakstudio : for wonderful divider art

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