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Did you know that you might potentially have some free money laying around here in the cryptosphere? Well of course there's no such thing as free but these are just airdrops to get you into a new crypto project or something. Or you've probably been receiving drips or other tokens you might not even aware of because you are too comfortable living in your own bubble (I'm speaking for myself actually).

Okay what am I saying here? It's hard to admit that even though I've already been in this community for a while now, there are still a lot of things that I didn't know. And unfortunately I didn't exert any effort to learn. I didn't know a lot of big people here because I didn't care enough to comment on their blogs or even look at the trending page (It must be troll trauma). I blame myself of course and for being inactive here in the past. I was popping in and out just to make a shoutout to my followers that I'm still alive. The whole time during those gaps, I didn't realize that a lot of changes had already been implemented here in our chain.

This post is just for those who are like me, those who are a bit oblivious to what's happening around especially in blockchain tech. If you don't know any of these things yet then you'd be surprised that you might have some free money laying around that you might not be aware of to this day.

Let's say for example BLURT, now what is this BLURT? Would there be any future value to this? I just recently came across BLURT on discord or some other blog post I think. It's another hardforked version of Steemit but was just poorly communicated to the crypto blogging community. I mean should we even care? I can't even manage my blog here on Hive let alone having another blog account to maintain. I'm a Hive maxi I guess (lol).

I just feel like I need to blurt my opinion here once and for all, I think that we should not have hardforked into three separate chains in the first place. Yeah I know, we can't set aside our differences here. Too many big egos and too many people who want to be better than the other. Too many of those who are too good to be ruled by certain groups. What's the difference now anyway, even communities here have their own rules. My crypto utopian dream is that would it be nice if we're just in one big blogging platform with micro communities within? We could have just made one decentralized blogging community successful instead of hardforking into several others. I just think the division is unnecessary especially if we all have common goals here anyway.

Now going back to BLURT, I just found out that I've got an airdrop there too, so if you still don't know then you can check out your own link Imagine my BLURT power was just sitting there the whole time, even more than my current Hive Power minus the delegation of a nice bloke here (Thank you by the way!). I read a blog post that most of the holders have already powered down theirs and have probably already converted it to HIVE (yes you can actually do this via Hive Engine.

Well I certainly don't want to blog on another platform but I feel like not powering down BLURT just yet. So what am I gonna do with my free money here? With my temporary joblessness at the moment, I realized a lot of things. There are no guarantees in this life, and that you can lose anything in an instant including your supposedly stable job and secured finances. So yeah, I don't know what's BLURT token gonna be like in the future or if it's just another one of those coins people are holding with no value, I decided to just make more of it. Make more BLURT tokens by delegating that unused BLURT power to someone else. It's not that much but it's a bit of a passive income too. I guess I got something off these blockchain changes after all.

So what's your take? Have you found some free money laying around somewhere too?

Diablo's not free tho.