A Compounding Account for my Daughter Monthly Update

As indicated in a previous post here , I recently started a new HI

hive.pizza | Witness Updates and Community Happenings

Hey everyone! It has been a crazy but fun week and as always, the PIZZA project and community has been super busy! Let's go over some of…

hive.pizza | Witness Updates, HiveFest, and new NFT launch!

Hey Crew! We hope everyone had a fantastic week! Things have been popping over in the Pizza Discord server and we had an opportunity to…

PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish- Barracks Or Bust

Is that really a Barracks? looks more like a campsite to me.... Ok Pizza guildmates! It's time we pushed hard to level up our Barracks…

hive.pizza | Witness Update Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween everyone! It's been an extremely fun and exciting week over at PIZZA and the momentum continues to climb as people are…

A Piece of the PIZZA Action (and BEANS?!?!?!)

I haven't posted about $PIZZA for a while, outside of my normal [Tale of Two Pizza's](

A Compounding Account for My Daughter- Second Update

As indicated in a previous post here , I recently started a new HIVE account for my 5 year old daughter. I went ahead and dropped in a…

hive.pizza | Witness & HiveFest Updates, Diesel Pool rewards, & more!

Witness Update Rank: 71/66 We are super close to over taking the next two ranks in the Witness list! Please consider voting…

Earn.Hive Witness- A Greasy Experiment

I'm sure many of you have received this little transaction in your wallet- perhaps without even realizing it.... It is pretty unassuming…

hive.pizza | Witness & Code Updates, Announcements, & more!

Hi everyone! We hope you've had a wonderful week! It has been insane over in the PizzaLab as @hivetrending and I cook up some new…

hive.pizza | Witness Updates, Partnerships, and Rewards!

Hello everyone! It has been another victorious week for us over at the PIZZA shop and we have quite a bit to go over! Keep in mind this…

A Compounding Account For My 5 year old- first update!

As indicated in a previous post here , I recently started a new HIVE account for my 5 year old daughter. I went ahead and dropped in a…

Progress Report- Approaching 3k HP and other milestones!

I've been a little distracted lately and haven't been posting quite as much as I was before. That's ok because I've been managing to keep up

An Experiment- A Compounding Account for my 5 year old!

One of my favorite parts of Hive at the moment is the passive earning potential through curation, staking, and Passive Income tokens like…

Please consider casting or updating your Witness votes!

Hello HIVE! Beard here! For those who don't know me, I am the creator of the PIZZA token and a HIVE Witness with my fellow awesome Hiver…

HIVE.PIZZA Witness Update, Project Update, & Rewards!

Hello everyone! We've seen an explosion of growth over the past week and we have quite a few new faces hanging out in the PIZZA…

500 $VIBES X $PIZZA Giveaway

Sounds like a party right? This week the PIZZA team has partnered with Music4Life and @al-gaming to put together this giveaway! All…

Passive Income Stuffed Crust, Hold the Onions.

It's no secret anymore, I'm a $PIZZA fanboy. Consider this my latest attempt to get YOU to look a little closer at the $PIZZA token.…

PIZZA Token | Bot Updates, Diesel Pool Info, & Rewards

Hey Pizza Crew! We hope you've had the most excellent of weeks! It was a bit busier on our side but we were able to cross some items off…

TribalDex Diesel Pools Update (fair warning)

You may have seen my recent post about the freshly rolled out TribalDex Diesel pools with LP rewards