Property Improvement for Fun and Profit

The best way to create higher price listings is to have more valuable property. Curb appeal and quality are

Self Showing, A Lesson In Rental Automation

Once you start

Streamers: One-Way Mirror

A flashback It’s 2019. In The Thotful Spot in Fantasyland, a five-year-old is being encouraged to hug Tigger. Mom and dad have waited in…

Streamers: Keeping Control

If you take it seriously, streaming can be a job. But there’s a difference between unpleasant work and a dreadful obligation. Sometimes, it

Logistics and Process Management

A brief story about logistics There is an apocryphal folktale from the end of the Soviet Union. A guar

Gaming: Need for Speedruns

Kids 20 years ago might’ve been disappointed if they knew that Mario 64 could be completed without collecting any stars. Or surprised to…

Everything in Moderation: A Guide to (Stream) Chat Sanity

Your channel has grown and people actually talk to you. Unfortunately, it's not just your friends anymore, and growth means some level

Why you should hire Digital Fox Creative — an agency that cares!

Most of life has guide rails. In school, they told you when to show up, which classes you’re in, and what the homework was. At work…

What is Workday Adaptive Planning?

Businesses generate a vast amount of data. Analyzing and organizing all that data in a way that helps

How Can Remote Bookkeeping Benefit Your Business?

More and more these days, everything is being done on the cloud, and 2020 reinforced the value of doing work remotely instead of from a…

Quick Tips for Improving Tenant Retention

If you own rental property, it goes without saying you always want there to be tenants paying you to rent it.…

A Few of the Most Sought After Amenities to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Does your rental property have the amenities people want? If your tenants can’t see t

Digital Fox Creative - A New Digital Marketing Agency Founded and Operated COMPLETELY by HIVE Members!

Digital Fox is a full-service digital marketing agency and business solutions startup. We're ready to increase brand awareness and get…