Spending $1 Million in Seventy-two Hours.

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If I received a credit alert of $1 million to spend in 72 hours, the first thing I would have done was relocate myself and family overseas giving the insecurity situation in my home country Nigeria but that should be on hold for the meantime because a million dollar is worth more value in Nigeria than it is abroad. In conversion, that money is equivalent to 680 million naira.
Moreso, I do not want a situation whereby I would be stranded and penniless over there, afterall the task says to exhaust the entire money without leaving a cent.

Image Made by Me Using Canva.

And after giving it a second thought, I decided to choose wisely and make investments in commercial real estate in the best locations of two megacities in Nigeria; Lagos and Abuja. This is so that when my luck money runs out, I'll at least have something to show for it. And if I ever go broke, I can sell a property and make money from it. Besides, what's a better way to invest other than real estate? It is a long-term and highly profitable investment. Such investment should cost me about 100 million naira.

The next thing to do would be to set up my brand business. I've always had an eye for entrepreneurship and establishing my own brand has been on my life goals. It's my dream to build a remarkable clothing and cosmetics brand that will go international 🤩. Matter of fact, I even have a name in mind already. Anyway, setting up this business should cost me about a 100 million naira in total. And from this business, I would make lots of money which would be used to cater for myself, family, establish my charity foundation and make donations for building the house of God.

Buying a house for my parents should be next on my to-do list. Normally, I would've built a house instead but it won't be possible to do that in 3 days so I'd opt to buy a luxurious house for them in lekki (a place in Lagos, Nigeria) which would cost 100 million. My parents deserve a comfortable life and doing this would make them so happy, at least I'd be able to save them the stress of paying annual rents.

Afterwards, I would surprise my Mom by setting up a large bakery where varieties of baked goods will be produced and sold. This lucrative business has been my mom's dream and I hope to fulfill that for her. By managing this business, she would make profits and she'll never have to go broke. A 100 million naira would be taken out to establish this business.

Of course, my Dad won't be left out as I plan to buy a luxurious ride for him. His car recently broke down and has been in the workshop for a long time now. Buying him a new car would bring smiles on his face and it'll save him the stress of public transport and trekking. I'd get him a brand new range of 50 million naira and give him an additional 50 million to immediately start up an importation business.

Lastly, the remaining money (180 million naira) would be used to buy lands in my hometown (Anambra State), Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt cities in Nigeria. These lands will be used to build properties or sold to make profits.

Well, that's it guys, a million dollar well spent! 😌🥂

If only it could be real 😭😂.

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