Unstake Your Mota! - New Drop System Explained

!Hey Kings and Queens! Until now the drop system was working in this way, a certain number of seeds h

Welcome to the Band + a lil' Giveaway and stuff

Whassup everybody, it's ya Boy dirtnowitzki! Here's a little update on my progress in the Rising Star game on the Hive…

I got my passport and some other things

Aloha folks. Cryptobrewmaster Last week I was one of the lucky winners in the giveaway of Cryptobrewmaster NFTs by…

Brewing my first California Common

Aloha folks, if you haven't tried Cryptobrewmaster yet, you should give it a try. It's a nice idle-game on the hive-blockchain …
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Water is love, Water is life or how to not buy and use enhancers

Good evening fellow beermasters. I purchased myself an enhancer on The price was 5 Hive and you can take a look at it in the picture…

Splinterlands Airdrop Math - What's the Expected Value of Your Drop?

So there were some questions in the discord today when I dropped this: Airdrop sheet: Web alternative by

My guide to profiting on WAX/HIVE NFTs.

In a little over 5 months I have made just under $2,000 profit on the NFT market, this is in a down crypto market no less. NFTs are unique…

Rising Star: I made it to LVL 15!

Hello fellow crypto enthusiasts, so I started playing Rising Start! probably like 17 days or so ago. After some initial grinding…

Island Sweet Skunk

¡Feliz miércoles! ¡Los he extrañado a todos! I have a lot respect for the consistancy in posting s

Feedback from the June 1st Hive Power Up Day

The Hive Power Up Day has truly become an important moment in the life of our community and, once again, this edition did not disappoint…

Proofofbrain Is Ready To Break Out Continue To Go Up Higher And Higher In Price

The market in pob and the market trended precisely to where we expected it to go we had our ultimate price in exponent around 8 cents it…

Some purple weed

Yesterday a friend paid me a visit. In his bag he had this dank purple weed from a grow his neighbor did. I liked it. Wha

My first Week in RISING STARR

Hey folks, besides my love for cannabis , I also love gaming . In fact this is what brought me here. Via Splinterlands I…

Investing In Splinterland Land Plots

Hi Everyone, Since having a bit of time this week while the kids are school, I started to think about the land I invested within the…

Hashkings Tutorial

Making things easier to understand I know that when you first login in to Hashkings it can be very hard to know what is actually going…

CryptoBrewMaster: Buy swag and get refunded | Reblog and get NFT

Now buying stuff makes you eligible for a "refund" in our trail upvotes! As you might know, team - @cryptobrewmaster has a trail HP ~…

Finally reached DIAMOND I leagues and ending the season at exactly 50% win-rate!

It seems like CHAMPIONS league is again out of my reach this season. XD Not gonna lie, I did expect that I would come close to reaching…