Gas Panic Making It Worse: Several States Declare Emergency

Tell people not to rush to the stations to fill up and that's exactly what many of them are going to do . Several stat

Restaurants Free to Open But Many Won't Over Staff Shortages in Virginia

On May 15th a number of COVID-19 restrictions in Virginia are going to be eased and that means [restaurants will once again](

U.S. Cannabis Sales Smashing Records: $17.5 billion in 2020

The CBD gummies market today is one of the fastest growing spaces in the CBD industry. You can find a variety of CBD gummies and THC…

Isolated Gas Shortages In U.S. Thanks to Truck Driver Shortages

The U.S. has plenty of gas to go around to meet demand, but a lack of tanker-truck drivers right now is fueling a shortage of supply with…

Idaho Passes Restrictions on Cannabis Advertisement

As cannabis has been legalized in different areas we have seen strict rules come about in the arena of marketing for cannabis products.…

The Risks Of Offering Token Supply For Loans And Services

Through conversations with @themarkymark I have come to realize that offering a percentage of the initial supply of a token can be a very…

Spknetwork SIP: Potential To Eat Up A Lot Of Hive

With the introduction of the @spknetwork Light Paper , we got a bit more insight into what that project is planning. It seems the…

After COVID-19 and Social Unrest Last Year Portland Businesses Now Seeing Insurance Rates Climb

After the political turmoil and social unrest that spilled out onto the streets last year around the U.S. , businesses today are still…

Bullish On Cheese: Cheese Is Next To See Prices Rise

Cheese is now one more item that is set to see prices rise now that more Americans are allowed to get back to normal as COVID-19…

Majority of Businesses Say They Will Seek Proof of Vaccination From Employees

Right now it isn't being forced onto employees, just highly suggested that they go and get their COVID-19 vaccine. Some employers are…

Cannabis Market Fueling Property Purchase Boom

As more states have moved to legalize cannabis in the U.S. this has also meant that more cannabis companies are looking for property to…

Facebook to charge if you don't give them your data

Facebook survives on your private data, in fact that's pretty much all they are about these days. Facebook bought Instagram for $1…

Chip Shortage, Chlorine Shortage, What's Next?

The worldwide chip shortage is expected to continue for some time, it might even be a year or more before the supply returns to normal. It…

Buffet Warns of Inflation Levels Rising

"We are seeing substantial inflation," - Buffett Not everyone is convinced that rising prices in certain areas of the market right now…

Calls Grow in Illinois For a Fair Cannabis Licensing System

Around the U.S. as we

Basecamp Sees a Third of Workers Quit Over Ban on Talking Politics At Work

A number of employees at Basecamp have recently quit because of a ban on being able to talk politics while at work. There are dozens of…

Looking to hire 5 people from LeoFinance community.

Need to delegate one of my main weakness. I'm looking for people from our LEO community who enjoys doing something that I don't really…

What are the 5 main ingredients $5 HIVE need?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak You can watch my 17 minutes long video to find out my own answer this question. I

Malta Looking to Pay People to Visit

The Malta Tourism Authority is looking to pay people money to visit the region. For each traveler who is booking a three night stay at…

Restaurants and Other Businesses Face Problem of No One Applying

Businesses in multiple industries are facing a hiring crisis right now. They cannot find people who are interested in applying for the…