Buying Starbucks and McDonald's With Bitcoin

McDonald's is finally accepting bitcoin as a form of payment in El Salvador after they were the first to make the move to establish…

Rental Market in Phoenix Hits Breaking Point

It has been a hot year in the housing market for renters and buyers, with bidding wars becoming common for both now. All around the U.S.…

Blockchain-powered Spotify Rival Attracts Big Names

A blockchain-powered streaming startup that has been dubbed a Spotify rival has already attracted some big names including artists like…

How The Energy Crisis In Europe Is Decreasing Market Competition

Europe is suffering through an energy crisis [currently and it is getting worse](

The Market for Athletes and Cannabis

For some professional athletes they say that when they smoke cannabis it enables them to stay focused and motivated to do the job. There…

Rents Rising to Insane Levels for Some

Rents are going up again and for some it is to shocking levels. In New York some are facing [an increase in their rent of 70%](

Why are we afraid of innovation?

It is a typical attitude of man to fear innovation, understood as a new tool that can potentially bring benefits to his condition but is…

Klein Vision Flying Car Might Be Available Soon

Just recently Klein Vision achieved the first inter-city flight for a flying car and with their operation they have effectively made some…

Restaurant Closures Causing More Pain For Small Businesses

Thousands of small businesses have been lost over the past year around the world because of the pandemic and throughout the U.S. many of…

School Bus Shortage Causes School Closures And Gets Parents Paid for Driving

The serious school bus driver shortage in the U.S. right now is increasingly impacting different communities and causing problems for…

Korea Marketing - Need Help / 한국에서 마케팅 지원 필요

Calling the Korean community! Hi guys, unusual way to approach but I need a partner in Korea for some marketing / branding work and to

People in Afghanistan Turning to Crypto in Time of Need

Bitcoin has provided a lifeline to people in Afghanistan as their country descends into financial ruin. There

Struggling to Survive: Millions of Americans Cannot Afford a 1 Bedroom Rental

Affordable rental housing is difficult to find these days and it's estimated that almost half of Americans cannot afford a one [bedroom…

Who Will be the Largest Cannabis Delivery Service?

In many regions they are still banning cannabis delivery but for some areas that have growing cannabis markets today that means giving…

San Fran Based Podcasting App Launching This Week

These days you can find a wide range of popular finance podcasts to listen to if you are looking for some finance related content. And to…

Texas Brings in Robots To Help With Labor Shortage

Restaurants around the U.S. are facing an extreme labor shortage right now , as well as other companies that

Airbnb Stepping In To Help Afghan Refugees

There are over 7 million Airbnb rentals to be found around the world in over 191 countries. You can find Airbnb properties to rent in tens…

Unemployment Benefits Come To An End

For millions of Americans this week their unemployment benefits [are coming to an end](

Drive-Thru 'Chipotlanes' Have Proven Successful

Chipotle has decided to increase their Chipotlanes for drive-thru service because they have been working out so well for them so…

Splintertalk and the NFT market

The success of Splinterlands in recent months has shown a small part of the potential of the game, small because the numbers that the game…