Majority of Businesses Say They Will Seek Proof of Vaccination From Employees

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Right now it isn't being forced onto employees, just highly suggested that they go and get their COVID-19 vaccine.

Some employers are even offering incentives, like paid time off, if they go and get vaccination.

One recent survey suggests that as many as 60 per cent or more of businesses in the U.S. are at some point going to require vaccination proof from employees.

If the thought of returning to the office is causing many to re-think their employment plans then you can bet that this will too.

For companies that are already struggling to fill positions right now across different industries it seems that this move would make it even harder to get people to apply, and they might lose even more.

Previous investigations have found that as much as half of the U.S. might be open to getting a vaccine, as much as 70 per cent say it will benefit the economy.

Millions have already been vaccinated, but there is still a great portion who are against it and who won't get it, and they should always have the freedom and the right to choose for themselves, never having it forced on them.

For those who refuse, this might mean they have to make different business arrangements if their employer wants it to be a requirement now.

We have heard about international vaccine passports for travel, and the idea of public events and venues also incorporating vaccine passports into their business models etc. If this happens and it becomes more commonplace to refuse service to those who haven't been vaccinated, life could look much different in the future as far as access to services, events, and more.