UNIBEN Blockchain Conference Featuring MANTRADAO Africa

Having a clear understanding of what financial freedom and empowerment that change people's financial status positively is one of what…

HIVE TOKENS Contest Weekend Winners - Prizes 4x More Than Initially Stated

Hi! 🎁📦💝 It's Saturday and it's time to GET YOUR prizes for the CONTEST - 5 POB, 5 LEO, 5 Hive or 50 LERN or Whatever Other 5…

CONTEST - 5 POB, 5 LEO, 5 Hive or 50 LERN or Whatever Other 5 Second-layer Token

Hi! This is a simple post to tell you that you can win by posting an article or a comment to this post, in which you can describe a…
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Building a Hive Tribe with the gift of hindsight hits different. Un-official LERN Update LERNBlog

SAFEMOON is not Satoshi Dream and that’s okay, what’s not okay is....

source Ahh! so I have some gist for you guys, I was in some twitter spac

Splinterlands Press release DATA // Marketing UPDATE 6

We have recently started sending out press releases for Hive Dapps. This is the most recent press release and the data on the sites…

1 Week Powerdown proposal

Here is the proposal, peakd link below. Original first post. Here I add some explanations to it.

1 Week Powerdown proposal. Share it

So after again the discussion begins about Power down, let's get it Real. If enough people like: 1 Week Power down. Gov votes charge…

The Hive Torch experiment is still active. Handed the torch to @martibis

A few days ago, I got my wallet fulfilled with 633 HIVE from, the community account of an amazing project initiated by…

How to get Hive Trending in Crypto News?

Now that we are buzzing about Hive related press releases on crypto news sites, I'd like to get one last point across:

$PIZZA Token | What is it and why should you buy it?

For those who have not ventured over to our website yet, I wanted to bring it to you in-order to showcase some of what we've already do

Escaping the Fiat System


Hive: A Decentralized Social Platform With Multiple Rewards

Hello Friends, This year will close my 4 years I joined Steemit and happy to still maintain my movement through the Hive blockchain and…

Embodiment Tools, Internal Blocks and Mindset - Invitation To A Free Webinar For Female Entrepreneurs

Hey, ladies and gentlemen! You don't know me that well and there will be things I will be disclosing here in Hive about me in the…

I believe most people would rather earn crypto while talking about crypto 🤓

Now that we are gaining traction on Twitter, I believe we should begin targeting Reddit and other community-based social network

What is #HiveChat? A 2021 Tutorial

On July 21st, 2020, the first official #HiveChat took place on Twitter. But what is #HiveChat exactly? And how can you participate? How…

International Conference - Submit Your Speaker Proposal For OEB, One Week Left

Dear friends, I am happy that this place is about Education as well. I am a trainer, coach, author, researcher...etc. I'd like to…

Ep. 21: Let's Talk MANTRA ( A DeFi Ecosystem)

Hello Friends, The crypto world has been amazing for those that have the understanding and take action. As DeFi (Decentralized Finance)…

Razor Network Partner with Litentry (Data Management)

Blockchain technology is known for decentralized transactions, reliability, security, and integrity of the data which were first…

#MyHiveGoals - 44 Years Ago...

So it's my birthday, I'm 44....And I feel.... 44 LOL I've gone through a few 'technological ah-ha' moments in my life....Growing up wit