1UP Weekly Operator Report: Huge DEC Gains For The Cartel-Monster

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Welcome to the Splinterlands weekly report for the #oneup @cartel-monster account! Last week, we only generated 4056 DEC for the account, but we finished the season in Diamond 3 to earn 40 end-of-season chests. With the new season starting, we're expecting to see a much higher return on DEC for the week.

End Of Season Rewards

Our rewards from the end of the season weren't the best, totalling only 108 DEC (4164 when added to the previous week) and $1.273 in card value. As you can see, we only pulled 2 rares out of 40 chests, so pretty lacklustre overall. Let's hope for better at the end of next season!

DEC Rewards

Sunday1064 DEC24 DEC3 Commons, 1 Rare$0.184
Monday1096 DEC63 DEC5 Commons, 1 Rare$0.381
Tuesday924 DEC18 DEC5 Commons$0.239
Thursday488 DEC47 DEC
Friday3096 DEC4 DEC4 Commons, 1 Legendary$6.702
Saturday2932 DEC123 DEC1 Common, 1 Rare$0.243
SUB-TOTAL9600 DEC279 DEC18 Commons, 3 Rares, 1 Legendary$7.749

With it being a new season, we really cleaned up the first few days. Thursday was lower, as ECR recharge to 100% before heavily grinding it down Friday and Saturday. Earning 6000 DEC in just two days is very good, and overall we gained 9879 DEC in week two through grinding and chest rewards.

We also pulled the cartel's first legendary Djinn Biljka on Friday which was pretty epic. We feel this card is overlooked, currently, and with all card prices dropping, he is getting cheaper by the day. Going forward, paired with Obsidian, this guy will become a real menace and will work himself into the meta.


Our tournament operator, @usamaro, placed 11th in the New Years' Eve with clove71 tourney to snag 3 SPS off of a 1 DEC entry. That's a gain of 14,000% with 1 DEC being $0.0045 and 3 SPS being worth $0.63.

He also placed 21st in the 2022 PysberX #LVL tournament to earn 1000 LVL, currently worth $2 USD. For the buy-in of only 5 DEC that's a net gain of 8,695%. Even though $2 USD doesn't sound like much, it's a huge profit when compared to such a small buy-in.

As we continue to grow the account during the Chaos Legion release, we'll get even better cards to compete in additional tournaments. Currently, we're waiting until the general sale to load up on new cards and further fill out the account.

What Is Splinterlands?


Splinterlands is a play2earn TCG (Trading Card Game) built on the Hive blockchain. Over time, you'll build up a collection of unique cards used to battle within various skill-based matches and tournaments.

The blockchain allows you to sell your assets for crypto or rent them to other players for passive income. You can also write about the game through multiple frontends connected to the Hive blockchain like PeakD, Hive.Blog and Splintertalk to earn crypto discussing the game with others or sharing informative videos/blogs.

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