While China Bans Crypto, Putin Says Russia May Have "Some Competitive Advantages"

In an official meeting with the members of the Russian government (transcript here ,

The Cosmos Ecosystem Is Having Its Teenager Moment

During the last massive crash of the market - which doesn't seem completely over, by the way - one token (or, to be more precise, one…

IMF "Urges El Salvador To Remove Bitcoin's Legal Status" - Why Now?


That Moment When Somebody Actually Takes Out The Garbage

About a month ago, I wrote a short piece about [the only crypto investor test you will ever need](

How Decentralized We Want The World To Really Be?

Decentralization. A word introduced in the mainstream vocabulary once Bitcoin took off. It's also one of the most commonly misunderstood…

Degen Crypto Memes - Yet Another Experiment With Non Fungible Words

After yesterday's experiment with [Anti Viral Memes](

Bridging Ethereum To Cosmos: Or, In Other Words, Reaching Osmosis

For those not so familiar with the Cosmos ecosystem, Osmosis is the leading AMM of it. Launched around 6 months ago, it reached t

Getting A Mortgage With Bitcoin As Collateral? Yeah, Of Course

I know it sounds too good to be true, almost ironic, and yet, it's true. If we were to believe this [news](

Polygon Implemented London Hardfork - Deflationary MATIC

As of today at 3:00 AM UTC (or block height 23850000 ), Polygon implemented the London H

Now You Can Bet Whether Or Not A Project Will Airdrop Tokens

It's called [Airdrop Futures](

The First Pancake Is Always Bad

When you start to do something, you don't know how to do it well. It's like when you make pancakes: for the first one you don't know if…

What If Centralized Social Media Will Disappear Tomorrow?

Just imagine. No Facebook. No Youtube. No Twitter. No Instagram. Nothing. Just decentralized platforms, like Hive, 3speak or distrikt.…

After El Salvador, A New Country May Make Bitcoin Legal Tender This Year - The Kingdom Of Tonga

If you look it up, Tonga is a small Polynesian country, officially called "The Kingdom of Tonga". It is also an archipelago, consisting of

Web 3 Is Not "Web 2, But Better"

The biggest mistake made by people trying to define web 3 is that they're trying to do this from the "web 2" space. Even incredibly smart

3 Jobs That Didn't Exist Before Crypto

The world moves so fast these days, that blinking is a liability. Especially in crypto, when the rate of projects laun

One Third Of The Streak Is Over - How's It Going For You?

One third of January is behind us already. That means we have only two thirds of the #januarystreak writing thingie I proposed at the…

Markets Misbehaving And Other Monsters

So, we had a rocky beginning of the year. Bitcoin is breathing heavily around 41k, barely holding, and Ethereum is close to lose the 3k…

Ethereum Optimistic Rollups, Do We Really, Really, Really Need Them?

Ethereum is already an old technology. Although it revolutionized the crypto world with the introduction of smart contracts, it's now…

My First Impressions Of Moxie Marlinspike's Impressions Of Web3

Moxie Marlinspike is a person I admire a lot. I don't know him personally, but I know and use one of his products, the Signal app. You…

We're On Track For 3 Airdrops, And The First Week Of 2022 Is Not Even Over

Granted, they were on the radar for quite some time, these airdrops, more than 3 months, if I remember well. But, still, they happened in…