Like A Fish In The Water

When I was little, I used to fish with my bare hands in a small river near my grandfather’s house, in the countryside. It was a relatively…

The Rise Of Non Fungible Tokens

I am fascinated by trends. How they slowly cook, under the radar, how they explode, and how they eventually fade away. It’s like a huge…

HIVE Rewards Pool Continues To Shrink, Creating Scarcity

I just had another look at the HIVE rewards fund this morning and I realized it was down with another 10,000 HIVE [since 5 days a

Atypical Micro-Investments

A couple of months ago I began to run again, in preparation for Lisbon marathon – after a 4 months hiatus. The fastest route, the one that…

Modern Gods

Rozy is a virtual human model. Meaning “she” is a bunch of pixels stacked together in a recognizable (and crafted to look beautiful to our…

HIVE Daily Rewards Fund To Drop Below 800,000 For The First Time In Months

As I was casually glazing at my hive.supply numbers, I noticed something very interesting: the total HIVE rewards fund is going under…

El Salvador To Exempt Bitcoin Investors From Profits On Capital Gains, Capital Increase

According to a news published on Coindesk a couple of hours ago (c

ATOM Entering Price Discovery Zone

I don't usually post about other projects that I'm watching in the cryptosphere, but this one I think it's important. I also noti

The Stupidity Map

There’s something about maps that appeals a lot to me. They convey in a very simple and concentrated way information that otherwise would…

Survivorship Bias In Financial Resilience

The picture above is probably one of the most famous from the WW2. It depicts the holes made by bullets in US aircrafts which returned…

Comfortably Ahead Of The Game

Pink Floyd has a song called Comfortably Numb (released first on the classic album The Wall). I want you to think now at the exact…

Bitcoin Legal Tender In El Salvador - The First Few Hours

At the time of writing this, Bitcoin is officially legal tender in El Salvador. The official wallet, Chivo, is not yet available in any of…

One Day Until El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender

On September 7th, a day from now, in El Salvador something unprecedented in human history will happen: a decentralized cryptocurrency…

1$ Hive - Well, That Didn't Take Long

Yesterday I wrote a piece about the case for a $8 HIVE . During the nig

The Case For A $8 HIVE

We're finally entering the supply squeeze phase which was suggested by the massive impact of Splinterlands. There were signs across the…

Oversimplifying Versus Analysis Paralysis

Entropy is a wonderful concept. It measures the degree of disorder or randomness in a system. If you really think about it, being able to…

Opportunity Management

The mainstream approach towards opportunity is that it’s a very rare event, and it should be prioritized when it happens, maximizing any…

The Rise Of Continuous Conflict Age

“Anti-vaxxers” versus “science believers”. Oppressed people versus eternal oppressors. Left versus right. Everything and anything these…

The Flat Earth Theory

Hate to break it to you, but the Earth IS flat. Now, I’ve said it. Hate to break it to you even more, but the Earth is round too. How…

Artificial Intelligence, Microscopes And Your Next Monday Double Espresso

We, humans, have a very limited hardware setup. Our sensors are not able to perceive a whole range of data. For instance, we cannot see in…