3 Jobs That Didn't Exist Before Crypto

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The world moves so fast these days, that blinking is a liability. Especially in crypto, when the rate of projects launched and succeeding is probably at an all time high.

Such a dynamic ecosystem needs, obviously, new types of jobs. Activities that we didn't know will ever exist are now performed on a daily basis and they create value. Repeatable activity + creating value = job, or at least that's the definition we're still using for this word.

Here are 3 jobs that didn't exist before crypto, but are now in high demand.

Portfolio Rebalancer

If you have more than 5-6 tokens in various DeFi projects, you know the hassle that comes with impermanent loss. Trying to predict which token will not only yield the highest profit, but also with which token are you ok to decrease in absolute numbers, well, that's a job in itself.

A Portfolio Rebalancer's job is to optimize this process. He needs to be able to predict short term trends, to make the best decision in terms of profit / overall portfolio structure and he needs to do that every single day.

I expect to see quite a few projects and tools focused specifically on this area (Sommelier is one of these, if I'm not mistaken).

Airdrop Hunter

Printing money is bad, but airdrops are good. Well, I don't know. Some airdrops are good, some are bad, just some ICOs were good, but most of them were bad, back in 2017.

Nevertheless, airdrops are becoming a de-facto method to create MODEV (Massive Open Distribution of Economic Value). Just by holding the right tokens, you may jump significantly in terms of net worth. Just by holding them.

The trick is to know which tokens, and to claim the actual airdrops. Another job in itself, which requires extensive data mining skills.

NFT Consultant

That's probably the weirdest one. An NFT consultant is a combination of technical skills (knowing how to deploy an NFT contract, how to create a collection and what generative art means) with speculative and marketing abilities. Like being able to spot the trends, what's hot and not, and how you spread the word about it.

Just two years ago, we wouldn't even imagine something like this would exist. And yet, people are already making tons of money as NFT consultants, and for good reasons. NFTs are here to disrupt, significantly more than ICOs, and even significantly more than DeFi, because they are appealing to a broader audience.

3 professions that didn't exist 2 years ago.

I wonder which will be the newly created professions 2 years from now.

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash