June 9th 2021 - Crypto Influencer's New Clothes

Yesterday was brutal day for all crypto HODLers. Couple of days of constant and seemingly unstoppable downward move culminated with price…

June 3rd 2021 - CUB and Diamond Hands

Ivan on Tech in one of his most recent and increasingly bearish-sounding videos explained how the crypto investors should never base their…

May 28th 2021 - Are We In for the Tech?

In his latest Youtube video, Ivan on Tech told most of his viewers that if they stay in cryptosphere, they are most l

May 24th 2021 - This Time Is Different

In the past few tumultuous days downward price movement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seemed unstoppable and even the weekend…

May 20th 2021 - Surviving the Cryptogeddon

Is this the end? Are we in the bear market? Will our crypto bags be of any worth in near future or ever? All those questions were asked…

May 17th 2021 - This Escalated Quickly

“You either die as a hero or live long enough to become villain”. That old saying is these days used a lot when crpytosphere comments on…

May 10th 2021 - Hype and Cryptocalypse That Wasn't

Elon Musk’s guest appearance at Saturday Night Live was arguably the most widely anticipated and the most hyped crypto-related event of…

May 6th 2021 - Dangerous Cults of Personality

The most spectacular and most controversial aspect of the current crypto bull run is the unstoppable rise of cryptocurrency which was…

May 3rd 2021 - Ethereum's Symbolic Victory

Ethereum has reached another important psychological milestone in terms of price by rising over 3000 US$. This new re

April 27th 2021 - Debt Is an Evil Companion

People in my part of the world have, or at least used to have, a saying “Dug je zao drug” (or “Debt is an evil companion” in English).…

April 25th 2021 - How Many Will Stay in the Bear Market

Some estimates tell that there are at least 150 million people in the world currently involved, directly or i

April 18th 2021 - On Days Like These...

If you woke up this morning and saw dark clouds on the horizon, your mood is likely to match the mood in the cryptosp

April 7th 2021 - It Was Fun While It Lasted... Again

What goes up must go down. HIVE isn’t exception to this rule, not even during what many stil

March 23rd 2021 - NFT = New Fascist Tyranny?

On a day when HIVE finally does what was supposed to do, it seems a little bit inappropriate to publish the post that could interpret

March 22nd 2021 - They Want Us Dead

Last few years have taught us that being involved in cryptocurrencies is not without some significant risks for person’s well-being. Crypt