Free HIVE Voting Service

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Free HIVE Voting Service

Receive many votes for your posts. I will upvote your posts for free once a day. Just browse to and ask.

How it works

Drop in the form field the address of the post you would like to be upvoted, and wait. It can take some time.


  • You can request one vote once a day per author or IP address
  • Comments will not be voted
  • It's free of charge and without guarantee
  • Bots, spammers and other abusers will be banned

No need to upvote, comment or repost my post but it would be nice to do it if this free voting service pleases you.

Free Steem Voting Service

The Free HIVE Voting Service is an improvement of the Free STEEM Voting Service, starting on May 11, 2019. It works now on both blockchains.

Continual improvements will be made. Please don't abuse of the service or I will stop it.

Delegators Get Their Share Each Month

Don't hesitate to delegate (the new amount and not the difference) and to use the free voting service for yourself or to reward others. Delegators get 100% of their share. If you have few SP and delegate to @droida, you will benefit of rewards instead of loosing dust.

Thanks to all the delegators.