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Hello, Hive! This week because of the accident at the data center I got two extra days off and since I didn't have to go to the office on Wednesday, Tuesday night I had a great time with friends with whiskey and fried sausages, and the next day I decided to "improve my health" with a dark beer and got a FarankenStout - new cream stout from the Ivanovo brewery KraftIzdat in the nearest store.


The beer was a pleasant surprise. First of all, it was a couple of times cheaper than imported stouts, and they are not cheap at all here. Secondly, in addition to caramel, there is a lot of cream and chocolate in the aroma and flavor, and it foams so that the soul is happy. And thirdly, it is quite strong, 5.4%, and after three bottles the mood improves considerably.

And how can you resist, when the bright label Frankenstein with a daisy!!!

photo_2021-03-06_12-49-50 (2).jpg

I was just finishing the first bottle and my wife had some friends over, so I had to move to the computer, and I have to say, with a beer it works just fine. I wrote drafts for a couple of reviews, optimized a couple of old blog articles, and with the third bottle I immersed myself in reading new posts on Leofinance....

What can I say - beer and blogging just made for each other.


The next day, after the office, I went to the store again and got myself another six bottles of FrankenStout for the weekend, and I'm just finishing the first one as I write this post :)

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This week of #BeerSaturday, I like to invite @nata86 to write a post about beer with min. 3 pics in any language

I don't usually drink, but I may have to try that if it's available here in the states. We have a supermarket nearby that sells exotic brews and I'll see if that brand is in stock.

and after three bottles the mood improves considerably.

Had to laugh at that one! What the heck, it's Saturday, go have another. Cheers! :)

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👍 I still have 5 left !

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