Announcing: the Peace Token

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As mentioned recently, I'm making my own crypto token! It's on steem-engine, a branch of the Steem blockchain.

The Peace token has only just been created, so the info in this post will be continuously updated in the coming days.

Token Name: Peace Token
Symbol: PEACE

Max Supply: 47,000
Decimal places: none


I have a few ideas how I want to do this, but input is still being accepted. I don't plan to have it be stake-able (powered up, ie: invested). They won't be able to be delegated (loaned).


PEACE token market

At first, I'll be distributing the tokens manually. The initial mechanism of distribution will be steem-engine direct transfers. I'm looking into automating some parts of the process.

I'll announce the way(s) the tokens can be earned/generated soon.

Hint1: One thing I'd like to do is beef up the "peace" content (and tag) here on Steem.

Hint2: See video clip below.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ▶️

Comments and input welcome.

Refresh this post for updates in the coming hours and days. Follow me for more coming soon!

Thank you. And of course, peace.

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