Big jump in LEO token price?

14 days ago
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Did the LEO token just experience a MASSIVE sudden boost in price? EDIT: Yes and no! Yes, it had a massive price spike. But no, this isn't the same Leo (of LeoFinance), it's a native centralized token of BitFinex. It's the #55 crypto by market cap right now, according to coingecko. It has a very similar logo to LeoFinance, but it's not really the same thing.

That's the current price data from coingecko, going back one week. Just a few hours ago, sudden massive buying volume brought in a price move from 1.47 now to 1.74 USD per token.


Bitcoin is also doing well today, as we see on the 4-hour chart:

But LEO (at least from the data I have available) is the big winner today.

A glance over recent LeoFinance posts doesn't show anything about this price action, so I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me, or LEO is currently in the midst of its sharpest bull move yet.

Real Leo

Here's the Leo token over the past few months:

Looks due for a pop to 3! I'm going to hold my Leo.


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