DOGE up 1000% as WallStreetBets and Musk turn focus to crypto!

1 month ago
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The crypto DOGE (aka Dogecoin) jumped from half a penny to more than a nickel, as Elon Musk and WallStreetBets turn their attention from Gamestock stock to cryptocurrencies! DOGE was chosen because of the funny dog meme in its icon, but imagine if a legitimate cryptocurrency like HIVE could get the same treatment? Many of us would become instant millionaires, and that is now more likely than at any previous time!

CNN has now covered the story, which may push prices even further.

It seems that stocks (like GameStop) aren't the only target for "WallStreetBets" and their army of traders, making advocates excited at the prospects of something similar happening in the crypto sphere.

Imagine what an influx of billions of dollars into relatively small cryptocurrencies like STEEM and HIVE could do to their price, and the size of our community?

How would it feel to have your crypto net worth instantly jump to ten times the size, just for starters?

This story has the potential to develop into the biggest thing that happened to crypto since Satoshi Nakamoto.


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