DRutter's Cards for Crypto is NOW OPEN! Valuable out-of-print Magic cards and Free Shipping!

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Magic the Gathering is HOT again, and just like cryptocurrencies, out-of-print collectible cards are finite and limited. With their supply fixed, their value is based on demand - which in both cases, is rising fast! I'm helping to bridge these two markets! Welcome to my Cards for Crypto store, serving USA and Canada. I aim to set my prices below eBay sellers and website stores, and provide quick service, with shipping and tracking included.

What You Need

  1. Hive blockchain account with reputation 35+.
  2. Email address.
  3. Mailing address in USA or Canada.
  4. A few minutes to read and comprehend this post before making an order.


As "rancored_elf", I've dealt in Magic card singles for 20 years, with an outstanding reputation everywhere I transacted. From the trading forum on MTGNews/MTGSalvation long ago, to my sales website RancoredElf.com (2006-2017), and my longstanding 100% eBay feedback, I have a track record of happy customers.

I believe the Hive blockchain adds another layer of protection. I'm known and trusted here after 3 years of daily posting. Also, transactions are carried out in comments, which become part of the record. Personal details (such as your address) will be sent by private email, and won't be shared or stored. All orders are shipped with tracking for everybody's protection.


  • All cards are English, non-foil, and EX-NM condition unless otherwise noted.
  • Prices are listed in USD, but will be converted to your choice of cryptocurrency before payment.
  • Price listed is for 1 card
  • Minimum order is 100 USD.
  • I currently accept Bitcoin, HIVE, STEEM, and LBC.
  • I do not accept fiat currency of any kind, and I do not accept PayPal.
  • I ship to Canada and USA.
  • Shipping is free, and includes tracking. There are no fees or taxes.
  • Yes, I can turn your cards into crypto, too. Contact me with what you've got.


All cards in my store are out-of-print, some for 20 years or more. Most of them have never been played. Care is always taken in storage, but time causes tiny changes in all things, including cardboard. All cards are in excellent or near mint condition (see grading scale below) unless otherwise marked. Images of some cards are provided. If you'd like more photos, please contact me.

Mint (M) - Flawless printing and condition, freshly pulled from a pack and stored perfectly.
Near mint (NM) - Unplayed (or carefully played in sleeves), no major flaws, 1 or 2 minor scuffs.
Excellent (EX) - Very gently played, or unplayed with a few storage marks. No major flaws, could be played in clear sleeves.
Very good (VG) - Moderately played, scuffed edges, surface wear. Might have a bend or pen mark.
Good (G) - Well played, may have major flaws like printing errors, wear, dirt, warping, crease, or pinhole. Playable in coloured sleeves.
Fine (F) - Very well played and/or major flaws.
Poor (P) - Damaged or defective, probably unplayable.

How to Make an Order

  1. Read this post. Contact me with any questions before proceeding.
  2. Comment below with your proposed order. List each card (and quantity) you want, that card's current price, grand total in USD, your state or province, your preferred payment method, and your email address. See example below.
  3. Check back here for my reply within 24 hours. If the order is accepted, I will email you a copy of the order, and payment details. Otherwise, I will provide information, a revised order proposal, etc.
  4. Make payment as detailed in the email. (Send HIVE and STEEM to @drutter. Send Bitcoin to address provided.)
  5. Reply to the email to provide your shipping address.
  6. You will receive email confirmation of shipping within 1-2 business days.
  7. I ship the cards via Canada Post from BC. Shipping takes about 3-6 business days, depending on your location.

Example of an order proposal:

Contact Me

Send me an email (drutter at protonmail dot com) or comment below. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Card List

This list will be updated regularly. I have about 40,000 cards to sort and add! Each week I'll do a new post, with fully updated inventory and prices. * = see photograph(s).


Last Chance* - 120
Winds of Change - 45
2 Swamp (white tree) - 12

Portal 2

Norwood Priestess - 105
Razorclaw Bear - 55

Portal 3 Kingdoms

Cunning Advisor - 35
Famine - 70
Zodiac Rat - 25
Taoist Hermit - 35
Warrior's Stand - 25
Red Cliffs Armada - 15
Trained Cheetah - 18


Last Chance - 115

Arabian Nights

Merchant Ship (VG)* - 65
4 Flying Men - 20
Sorceress Queen (VG)* - 130


Basalt Monolith - 18
Verduran Enchantress* - 65


Mightstone - 42


Life Matrix (Mint)* - 180
Cathedral of Serra - 40
Bartel Runeaxe - 95
Ur-Drago - 50
Livonya Silone - 125
Pixie Queen - 95
Elder Spawn - 50

The Dark

Stone Calendar (VG)* - 37

4th Edition

Mana Flare - 12
Winds of Change - 20

Ice Age

4 Demonic Consultation - 22
Underground River - 18


Lake of the Dead* - 150


MISPRINT Ravenous Vampire (top corners barely cut)* - 35

(last picture shows a regular card over the miscut card)


3 Tithe - 70
Griffin Canyon - 16
Femeref Enchantress - 20

5th Edition

Pox - 18
Mana Flare - 12



Static Orb - 20



Exalted Dragon - 25

Urza's Saga

Urza's Legacy

Memory Jar* - 95
4 Defense Grid - 16
Defense Grid (VG)* - 12
2 Deranged Hermit - 43

(beautiful card marked down to VG because of the small indent on the text box)

6th Edition

Cursed Totem - 22
Doomsday - 15
City of Brass - 18
Final Fortune - 25

Urza's Destiny

3 Yavimaya Hollow - 125
Treachery - 125
Repercussion - 25
4 Academy Rector - 180
2 Rofellos Llanowar Emissary - 75
3 Carnival of Souls - 20
Urza's Incubator - 30

Mercadian Masques

Unmask - 13


7th Edition

2 Elvish Champion - 12
Oppression - 32
Static Orb - 18
City of Brass - 20
Adarkar Wastes - 10
Underground River - 10


Cabal Coffers - 70


2 Rotlung Reanimator - 11

Betrayers of Kamigawa

2 Mirror Gallery - 26


18 Pariah's Shield - 17
2 Copy Enchantment - 12


27 Sword of the Paruns - 7
2 Stitch in Time - 9


6 Rain of Gore - 13


5 Lovisa Coldeyes - 10


7 Reiterate - 15
8 Kaervek the Merciless - 17

Planar Chaos

8 Imp's Mischief - 15


7 Auntie's Hovel - 25
12 Elvish Harbinger - 9


32 Thornbite Staff - 10
4 Maralen of the Mornsong - 32
11 Knowledge Exploitation - 18


Twincast - 10

Thank you for your patience. This post is a work in progress! I will be adding hundreds more cards in the coming days. General comments welcome. I'm excited about this, and I think people will see it as a valuable service. It's nice to be able to convert between various forms of stored value, including vintage collectible cards, and cryptocurrency! This shop is another use for HIVE, a potential draw to the blockchain, and value added to the community. I believe it will be added to lists and inventories of shops that accept cryptos like HIVE for physical goods.

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my shop, and look forward to doing a cards-for-crypto trade with you soon!


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