Splinterlands - Fire Focus - Daily Rewards - x13 Chests!

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Happy Sunday everybody! Under 24 hours now until the season is finally over, I'm very excited for my EoS rewards, 74 chests is a tonne of chances to pull something good!

I finished todays focus up with 13 chests, had an enjoyable time once again with the regular three decks I've been renting, might be costly but due to the two day rentals at least I get to play with them for at least three focuses (as I rent very late into a challenge to make the most of cards)

I even managed to top my highest RP up to 2.2k now, I wish more games would reward me that amount of RP 😂 I've mostly just been ignoring my focus and playing regularly in all honesty, hasn't seemed to change much for reward chests.

Here is my fire deck that I usually rent, cost me about 80 DEC/day which I know is a lot especially for bronze but I'm past the point of caring this season and just want to finish it on a high

Good luck on any focus rewards today and especially good luck tomorrow on all your end of season chests!

Djinn Renova is a great card to pull, I wish my Merit drops were a tad bigger though. I've been participating in my guilds brawls and have accumulated around 1300 some Merits, a little off opening my first Gladius.


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