Splinterlands - Life Focus - Daily Rewards - x10 Chests!

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Hello my friends, back once again to share the daily rewards with you all!

Today we had the Life Splinter focus challenge, I didn't expect this to go as well as it did, I presumed for once the game would prompt me to use life but in the hope it didn't I rented up a level 2 Mylor + A bunch of GF Earth cards, Yodin & a couple range cards.

I played these two Splinters/Summoners enough to know my strong suites with them and my own weaknesses, for the most part I could generally see if I would win from their previous line-ups (which is great as the previous week since this update has been pure randomness & chaos)

So all in all, a much better day than the previous we've experienced this season!

I still haven't pushed higher than 72 EoS chests but we filled the bar half way so that's something


As always, good luck to myself & everybody else on their loot chests for today! Very much looking forward to the end of this Season to reap my rewards.


Amazing daily rewards in my opinion! I love the cards to push my CP along so that's fantastic and considering all are rare, I'll damn well take it! 25 DEC also for my total tally, It pays for a few rentals hahaha.