Invest Or You'll Be Left with an empty purse

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At a point in our life, we make so much money either from our businesses or from other sources of income and we are left to choose between spending and investing. Youthful age can be so deceiving if not financially disciplined, our exuberance strives to come alive and we find ourselves spending every dime we make. The implications don't come that early in life, it comes unannounced in the future where life is more real and we're left to feed from what we've accumulated in our purses. Unfortunately some people are left with an empty purse and regretful memories of how they utilized their days of abundance. The difference between investing and living in comfort is the time shift in which a person suffers hardship.

“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors, be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett

The quote by Warren Buffett may be a bit confusing if not critically looked into, in essence, he means, to be rich, understand time. When to invest or not, when to spend and not to, when to give or hold back. There's a popular saying I love so much and it goes "cast your breads in the water, and you'll find them after many years". That's the fact about investment, having a stream of income, casting bread(money) in the water (into businesses or assets) and in the future there'll be a huge return of investment.


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A man once said " money has wings, it flies". Money not invested flies and never returns, but money invested flies and returns with breeds of its kind(known as profit). We can never have much more if the money we have is not invested. Investment gives room for money to grow and allows a continued flow of income.

What people dread the most is the future. Investment helps secure the future of investors and when others see casting down, they see a lifting up and are never afraid of the tide of time. The dream of everyone is to have assets that could cover up for their future needs, but those assets can only be available if one had invested in them. My grandma in the olden times bought certain items and stored them until the value increased, she sells them when they do.

One can only hope to have a better financial future if he had planned for it and the best way to have this financially stable future is through investment. No magic happens in the financial space, we reap only from that which we have sow. Money is like a seed, if buried(invested) it grows bearing many branches but if consumed, one has nothing left but an empty purse and stomach to feed. Investment saves you from the rat trap that leads to poverty and regrets. Be greedy for luxurious living in order to save your future.

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Definitely investing right now is very important and vital when it comes to Cryptocurrency and I will say irrespective of how small it might look , it is very important to at least buy and invest something, rather than not do anything


That's true,


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Investing Money open a sure way to live abundance in the future, in the word of Warren Buffett, the expression is quite understandable, sticking to this would give financial freedom in the future.


That's true, investment open ways for future abundance


Good point bro, more ideas gotten from this.