Growth of HIVE/STEEM Price - Difference Between Hive & Steem Price

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Hello Everyone!

How Are You? Hope you all are fine and having good day today.


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Have you seen the growth of Hive Price Today. Yesterday it was on 20.19 PKR and today when I woke up surprisingly its rise upto 22.26 PKR. If it goes with the same speed soon its going back to its earlier price. I am using CoinGecko to see the Price of mostly Coins so here is the link of the site:

hive p.PNG

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These Price are taken from different mostly used crypto exchanger. These are the buy orders on the exchange.



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Now if we talk about steem then its more surprising for me because when last time I saw the price of Steem it was on 26.80 PKR but today it is rising more fast then the hive. Today when I looked at the price the price was upto 20% rised.
The price of Steem at the moment is 32.40 as the coingecko marketplace. I am very surprised after seeing the lot of difference in between HIVE and STEEM. Here is the link of the website:


steem gr.PNG

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I stopped using Steem even montly hive when I heard that steem upgraded into hive and soon it going to be stop. A week ago someone contacted me told me that Steem and Hive are both different Platform. Which was a bad news for me because I have lost most of my Time and Coins in this period.

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