Yo, what the fuck is going on in Australia?

I just read an article on USA today ( about how Australia is planning on garnish

Reject your masters

The agents, tools, and puppets of the puppet masters want us to be sacrificed for their machinations. Don't forget that they are…

Missed out on OHM and TIME? Hurry before you miss Spartacus

At this point we've had a roughly ~$200 stable coin in Spartacus for two weeks. Our community is vocal and active, people actually vote…

Spartacus marches on to Rome, Mount Olympus next?

I love underdogs. I love underdogs even more who are of the People, loved by the People and fight for the People. William Wallace, Marty…

Olympus DAO clones

Olympus DAO has had a raucous ascendance to within 20% of ATH in the past days, further demonstrating its lasting power with innovative…


Can we keep going or is this the last hill us doggies will climb before our creeping coof and fever takes us down? They told us to social…

Cryptex & TCAP - Powering the largest crypto index fund

What if I told you that a single crypto token captures and reflects the ENTIRE crypto marketcap? TCAP is a total marketcap…

Cowboy Bebop Live-Action is a fucking disgrace

In the immortal words of Greta Von Thirstberg: "How DARE YOU?!" Let's summarize what the OG Cowboy Bebop had different than this new…

Spooky Swap - Such spook, much swap

Aesthectics matter and in the world of DeFi we're in now where things change fast like the weather in Hawaii, standing out is a gateway…

~$45m Flash loan attack on PancakeBunny

You'd think that DEX's like PancakeSwap would recognize that to stop a flash loan you need to have solid, accurate Oracles to get accurate…



Hello World. Placeholder


The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Theme: There have been a few books I've read over my life that have changed how my brain was wired after I had read t

$SAFEMARS - Up 1000% in 24hrs. Trading volume skyrocketing. What is happening?👽

I bought in to SAFEMARS, swapping my $BNB on PANCAKESWAP for about ~$21USD worth of $SAFEMARS on 4/5/21, so 15 days ago, @ about…