Ask leo:what are the synchronicity between the bear and bull market And can both form of market be utilized.

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When trading Crypto,the sole aim of investors is to avert losses and gain profit,knowing that the market is been segmented into two parts which is the bear market and bull market,this form of market is needed in other to maintain balance in market space.
Crypto currency is always on a fluctuating mode,this is what make it flexible and kind of fun to invest in for the investors that knows that basic strategy that can be implemented in order to gain profit and avoid losses while trading.
The bear market is the period that is good for investing has it is when the market is at it lowest price rate,this enables the investors to invest at a low price and later on sell at high price.
The bull market is the period when Investors can be able to gather twice as much profit that was invested if not more,depending on how high the market price is,so this two form of market is a necessity for there to be balance in how the trading works,the most important thing for investor is to know how to manuover their way and make a good decision at every point in time.

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