Procrastination: how does it affect investors pertaining to crypto currency

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Procrastination is a word that is common around the world of lazy people,who leave what they are suppose today till another time.
It is very pitiful to see people failing in life because of procrastination,The same thing is applicable to investors who tends to procrastinate when an opportunity evolve around them.
Crypto currency is a system of investment that thrive only by the decision of investors and to be successful as a crypto currency Investor there is need to be an opportunist although it hard cause there are some risk that will be taking that could cause fear in the minds of investors.
As you know there are two different kind of market in crypto currency which is the bearish and bull market,this two different types of market balance up the scale of preference which crypto investors should study vehemently.
The bearish market gives an opportunity for investors to invest due to the low market valve.
Buying the deep is a strategical form of gaining more profit which enables the investors to be at the saver side.
When the bull market hit by storm it always the time for investors to be rewarded for there patience and resources that was invested.
A lot of invest will literally sell their saved up coin when the market hit the bull but selling and not having saving to invest again as an investor is a wrong thing to do seeing that continuity keeps you in control with constant flowing of profit by engaging the right strategy at the right time.
Just like the law of demand the low the price the higher the investment and the higher price the lesser you invest,it a simple thoery isn't it?

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