dCity has applied for a listing on dapp Radar!

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Well it began just like any other day - people wishing and hoping their favorite projects would pump! But today, I got motivated to actually do something about it!

After signing in with google, I rapidly started filling out the forms. I asked for help in discord and very shortly both @gerber and @scriptioner showed up.

I didn't click mobile friendly, because some more work needs to be done, specifically hive keychain on mobile. The hive keychain team really needs to get their act together, but that's a story for another day.

What category are we?

Of course we are a Marketplace, Collectibles and Defi, but I think its best if we just click 'Game'. Gaming is very popular, and we are basically the first 'DeFi Game' around and going strong after over 2 years.

I really needed some help because I had started the process on mobile. I didn't take @gerber's bet but I should have, because we got the initial application finished today.

I pulled out some descriptions from the posts, I got some great screenshots from gerber and scriptioner:

After a bit of a discussion about data tracking, I put in all the information required and our application has been submitted for review!

So wish us luck, dCitizen - because we are moving forward with this great and groundbreaking game, with several updates and some parallel developments planned for the future.

Freedom and Friendship!

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