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The first announcement post since last November has been released. After months of complaining by many of the game players, gerber has casually released a partial, almost complete, list of new building cards for third edition, a couple new recipes, and launched a raid on those ENTRY stadiums by delivering us a 1 MILLION DEC splinterlands tournament sponsored by DCity.

Check out the post here

Based on the conversations in Discord, @gerber was more than happy to let the sentiment fade, to watch how the tax system works, and see the effects of a bit of slack show themselves in the game.

As someone who sold most of my INCOME cards when they were overpriced, I have been quite happy to pick up some under-priced INCOME cards while the taxes are high and their ROI appears very low. While it has not been our strategy to just shoot for SIM directly, we have looked for ways to play that take advantage of 'secondary and tertiary effects'. Currently, INCOME can be found at as much as a 50% discount to the 5 hive for 10 INCOME metric.

While it is unlikely that the game will continue to produce 300% ROI, it seems to us that even 100% ROI is still very good, let's see how it goes in the next 100 days!


What about these third edition cards? The first thing to note, is that there is only one card with population, the Barracks. It has a 10% drop rate, so for all the SIM spent on 3rd edition, only 0.4 population for 800 sim will be produced.

We can compare this to 2nd edition (1.25 pop/800 sim) and 1st edition (2.65 population per 800 sim) to see that this is the edition with the least population ever. Of course we still we be mining citizens, from homeless and immigrants to event driving mining, but population should start to get a bit more scarce in the future.

Construction Site has no stats!

Another new and very exciting addition to third is the already announced Construction Site. In the above chart, as you can see, it has no stats! Not a single stat, it is designed to be 'burned' in combination recipes. This means that 20% of all the SIM that will be spent on 3rd edition will be 'burnt', although not exactly.


As you can see, most combine recipes result in a small increase in overall INCOME. With the golf course as an example, we can see that the construction site being burnt will result in 8 extra sim per day (minus taxes), which is the same 100 day turnover rate that we base a lot of our calculations on.

Tech cards will be used in the combine recipe, but it appears not all of them. Prepare for a speculative tech boom, if you have been tech mining with our guide for the last two months, you will probably be pretty happy come third edition launch (soft date - middle of March).

What about the rarest of the rare - background cards? Gerber has split my dreams in half with his recent denial.


Though this could change by adding more recipes after the delivery of the third edition, and generally I think this is what will happen. Once the new User Interface is complete it will be easier to add new updates to the recipe and combine system.

One last thing to note, is the price of SIM. Supposedly, big players were going to dump SIM because there had been 'no updates'. Now that there has been 'one update', I wonder how fast the trend on SIM will start to change?


In fact, while the price is still quite low, it appears that SIM has bounced off the bottom. At the time of writing it is now trading at 0.00215 - yielding a price of 1.72 hive for each card minted by purchasing SIM from the hive-engine market.

There is still a lot of SIM being hodl'd of course, and a lot more spread out SIM holdings since the early days. It now takes 21 voters to get a true majority on governance - assuming everyone votes of course.


While I have unabashedly made sure I have cashed out, taken profits and sold off while prices are high, I am not embarassed to say that during this dip, I have been slowly and considerately, hopefully strategically, buying stuff.

If you have missed dcity so far, but have some interest, now is the time to get interested, read and maybe even buy some of these NFT gaming tokens for your very own city. Not financial advice, just gaming advice.

Freedom and Friendship.

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