Deal of the Week? I just bought 4451 LBI tokens

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Ping, Ping ping. People are talking about me! Must be because I am amazing at what I do!


So apparently there was some discussion about some underpriced LBI. I haven't paid much attention to LBI since it launched, but it seems to have produced good returns in the meantime. At the time, I wasn't too keen to pay 1 LEO for 1 non-leo LEO, it just seemed to me that it would be better to manage my own LEO, lest I end up like the guy who just sold to me, getting a steep discount to the ABV price.

But buying at a discount? That is more my style! Here is the original message I got alerting me to the opportunity.


I was just minding my own business and had written a post about having scooped up around 4000 LEO at 0.16 hive. This is around where I made my original LEO purchase before selling over half of them between 1-3 hive per token. I still was holding around 6k LEO on my fund account, so as not to lose my purple Tiger discord rank, but I had finally decided to pull the trigger once again on LEO.

When I get this message about LBI being backed by 1.6 LEO each one, and a big chunk selling for 0.15 HIVE. Is this the deal of the week or what?


The only issue is - the market is dry. Dry bones basically. But that's okay, this is my jam. I love asset backed tokens because it is so much easier to calculate the net asset value of them. Its not the only way to calculate token value, but it is one of the easiest. Already I could sell 11 of them for a 10% gain, but I think I will hold on a little longer, until it gets a bit closer to its backed value.

LBI pays divs weekly in LEO, let's check out what kind of returns these holders are getting.


I found @hykss, who has just over 5000 LBI, to compare with my 4451 sized stack. Looks like he got 24.6 LEO last week, so I should be hoping for about 90% of that number tomorrow - somewhere around 22 LEO. Yay dividends!

If it is indeed 22 LEO, thats 1,144 LEO per year, a 1144/4451 = solid 25.7% apr simplifying the problem to consider that I spent 1 LEO per token, even though it was about 10% less purchase price for me.

This is a very comfortable dividend - in the mean time. But that's just the cherry on top, while I wait for the tokens to give me an opportunity to recoup my capital at closer to the full price.

We also have the Project Blank Airdrop - which will not go to LBI holders but will instead compound for LBI holders. This should at some point give me the opportunity to sell at least 50% of these token back for twice the price I paid (in LEO terms, of course).

Because in HIVE terms, I think LEO is ready for another pump (soon).

Another great thing about LBI, is that pLEO is likely too complicated for me, and I know the guys behind this project are probably going to want to get into some of that. This serves me well, as I can get some off platform LEO yields without opening up a new wallet.

So this investment gives me a lot of options. I will continue to take the interest in the mean time, looking for a LEO pump, will be able to watch for a nice offer on the market and hopefully get half of these tokens for free while cashing out my initial investment in LEO terms. If HIVE pumps in the meantime, I might just even make 5-10x on the break even.

This is what I do. Its more than buy low, sell high, but its really not that much more. Put a floor on promising projects, and don't forget to take profits.

Oh by the way @dagger212 ...


Thank you. And here is your commission - 20 HIVE SBI units from me.


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