Its all really happening. The next Phase is already upon us.

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Its perhaps hard to imagine for many of you that our way of life is breaking down - maybe you think that there are a lot of people that will fight to keep it up. But in truth, this is a planned destruction, and many people are already ahead of the changes - I guess they must have seen it coming.

Whether that is from being on the inside or just playing the long game, depends on the person. I moved to South America (with plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth) more than 10 years ago when I foresaw the collapse of the American Empire in a vision. Seems quite obvious now, but there are some who still think there is no place better than America. Good luck, if you are somewhere in the middle you probably do have a good chance.

Of course, they will make you pay for salvation. You are a rich American after all, what privilege.

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You all remember Martin Luther right? Here is a full version of a movie I can highly recommend. Its not exact historically, but will get you up to speed with the upheaval in the early 1500s.

One of Martin Luther's main complaints, was that salvation could not be bought. Even though the church was selling it in the form of indulgences. So who did Luther choose to serve, 'the Church' or God?


The question is not all that different to choosing to listen to 'the Science' or the truth. And this is as true with Climate Change as it is with Covid (as it is with Indulgences) These things rhyme and I am not the first one to notice that, although this particular rhyme caught me unexpected-like this morning.

Of course it goes deeper than that some conceptual protest like The Great Barrington Declaration, because after a bit of strife the next bit that comes of this historical episode is the 30 years war.


History works in cycles, and its quite hard to unsee the idea that some group of powerful people have figured it out and are working us over to their advantage. That is literally what people do. Any bit of leverage we can get, we use it.

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I think nobody would think this is a good idea, but thats just what makes Caitlin Johnstone so brilliant - she is able to phrase it another way, and then another and another, until you realize that most of what you believe is propaganda.

Because it is.

You ever see this movie? 1988's 'They Live'


After the 30 Years War a beautiful accomplishment was set with the Peace of Westphalia. A minor historical footnote for the unninitiated, the smart and capable among us are probably already studying this principle and its geometry in preparation for what is to come.

This was no ordinary peace. We inherited no ordinary world.

Everything is wrong and no one (everyone) seems to notice

It really is fear holding us back. The oldies are too old, the boomers are confident but never faced a real conflict. The silent generation has dementia. The Nomads, generation X, is happy to work hard and say little, the boomers are in charge and they have been, so they should get the blame.

The millenials are in a tough spot. Some of us remember life before smart phones and computers. Most of us even remember learning about these new techs with our parents. But the world is fucked up and the steady stream of complaints from the youngest of us is quite tempting. The Generation Z people take it all for granted - they can push the buttons but they cannot tell you how a website works.

By the time this crisis is over, my generation (the "Heroes") will be likely running the world with a mix of nomad-X'er energy. What will that world look like? That is what most concerns me.

But I am working hard in my corner. Good luck in yours.


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