What is the real APR of DCity if I invest today??

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Hello everyone!

There was some question about the apr and apy of DCITY, and maybe some people think I am exaggerating that DCITY has huge APR still. So I have decided to invest some of my SIM in a new city and calculate a fresh APR - even with these high taxes!

Now of course, if you invest in a different way, or at a different price, you are going to come out with different numbers. But once again I am going to do the calculation with FARMS, which seem to give the best bang for your buck in terms of INCOME. To maximize potential ROI, we will combine it with EDUCATION mining.


I started by buying 480 farms for 375911.7 SIM. At the current market price of 0.0015 this is worth 563,86755 HIVE.

This will be the backbone of our city. We are also going to need a few more cards to make the city effective, to mine technology, and to not get robbed.

Of all the cards of this set up, its the law firm that has risen the most in price, not only because it is mixed up in the limited combine 'CENTRAL BANK', but also because with taxes so high, it is really important to use a law firm!


At the current prices 13.5 swap.hive is the cheapest. Let's look at the other ingredients of the Farm-Tech-Mining city:


Total cost: 757.3 HIVE / 504867 SIM

480 Farm: 563,86755 HIVE / 375911.7 SIM
1 Law Firm: 13.5 HIVE / 9000 SIM
45 Research Center: 52,4475 HIVE / 34965 SIM
85 School: 42.5 HIVE / 28333 SIM
22 Police Station: 66 HIVE / 44000 SIM
1 Police Equipment: 1.49 HIVE / 993 SIM
1 Mining-HIVE: 8.9 HIVE / 5933 SIM
1 RoboCop: 2.1 HIVE / 1399 SIM
1 Free Internet: 4.05 HIVE / 2700 SIM
1 Open Source: 2.1 HIVE / 1400 SIM
1 GMO Farming: 0,348 HIVE / 232 SIM

Many of these techs you would have if you have been mining the whole time. The other then the farms and the law firm, I did buy some more research centers at 777 sim, but the rest are the lowest price on the market at the time of posting. Notice that the 504k SIM spend for this city is just under the 506k estimation of value by cityhelper, so generally cityhelper estimates are very accurate!

Now that we have our total costs, we can calculate our APRs. The first type of APR is Hive rewards. This population puts us in the lower half of the top 300, another similar city of mine gets something like this each day:


0.21 HIVE / 757.3 HIVE = 0,0277% per day

This comes out to about 10% per year, nothing to write home about, especially because we know its going to keep going down unless the reward pool finds some way to fill itself back up.

Let's check out the SIM rewards:

1396 SIM / 504867 SIM = 0.2765% per day

which comes out to about 100% non-compounded APR. My scientific calculator tells me that if a player could properly compound this each day, they would be making something like 274% APY!


Of course maybe we can't compound daily, or don't want to, 100% + some hive rewards + TECH mining!


Tech has definitely fallen in price, but certain techs have also pumped. Free Internet, Basic Documentation Practice, Police Equipment, Advanced Robotics and Basic Automation are all used in COMBINE recipes. For now that means that either EDUCATION or AUTOMATION are the best trees to unlock.

But spending 1740 SIM on the unlock of one full tree, we are getting a 25% chance each day to drop one of these cards:


49% Basic Automation: 0.3 HIVE (0.147)
29% Fully Automated Brewery: 0.5 HIVE (0.145)
14% AI Technology: 1 HIVE (0.14)
2%: HIVE mining Operation: 8 HIVE (0.16)
2%: ETH mining Operation: 35 HIVE (0.7)
2%: BTC Mining Operation: 60 HIVE (1.2)
2%: Advanced Robotics: 70 hive (1.4)

With this chart we can calculate the expected value, of zero 75% of the time, and with the listed approximate values for the other 25% of the time, yielding a total Expected Value of 0.973 HIVE per day!

This is an additional 0.128% daily or 46.9% APR non-compounded.

These things are subject to variation, but all this math is assuming a stable SIM price of 0.0015 HIVE per SIM. A total of 100 + 10 + 46.9 = 156.9% non-compounded APR is possible, right now, in DCITY.

Depending on your skill in compounding, you could possibly make much more APY.

Freedom and Friendship!

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