Why you should AGAIN vote for me to be dCity President

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Life gives us choices. And democracy is no easy sea to navigate. With coin voting, we are living on the forefront of experimental governance structures - and my favorite place to experiment is in dCity.

We have a choice, fair players of dCity. The choice to make SIM scarce - or to be tempted, once again, into printing a whole lot more of it.

Take a look at this graph - tell me what you see.


What I see is that, during my previous rounds as presidency, we have managed to get SIM supply growth under control. The dev team continues to work, I am talking about the 'civil' government side of things. If we are a bit more deliberate about controlling the printing we can give the devs a chance to 'do something'.

Recently, @gerber was chosen to be president. Some might think that as the creator of the game he would have some sort of special setting or something to 'do it better'. We can see what Gerber has done. He has increased printing for normal income, and decreased the tax rebates for sick citizens as well as the war tax pool size.

Overall, @gerber is printing only slightly more than the less strict periods during my presidency, perhaps about 100k more per day, something like 800k plus 275k for pool rewards. The slope of the SIM power supply seems to be increasing, but its nothing that we can't get under control. @gerber has been, generally, a low-printing president.

Another thing that I would like to address your attention to, is that during this period when HIVE went from 0.25 to 0.40 cents in USD, SIM also increased against HIVE, in my eyes a bit greater than 20% off the lows near 0.0003 (Swap)Hive per SIM to where it is now around 0.000375.

It didn't have to be this way. If the circulating supply of SIM was soaring, I suspect the price would have fallen further. I think we can really get a handle on the SIM supply, and through gameplay - civic democracy of a new kind (coin voting) - we can inspire and bring life back to an 'old' project. This is very exciting to me.


I think its important that we continue our quest, to at least 'see what might happen'. Could we lead dCity back to glory and greatness? I think the answer is yes!

Of course I have put my money where my mouth is, I have increased mightily my SIM Power! Not enough to become emperor for life or anything, but enough to fend off the hoards of other players who want to be president, presumably to print more SIM.

And you can see their logic. Its worth more, lets print more. So tempting....

But a vote for @ecoinstant is a vote for virtuous fiscal responsibility!


Okay, I admit that on this scale the upward trend is only clearly visible since early december. (decending triangle is.... bullish?) But that is when I was first elected, so let's go ahead and take all the credit for that!

By keeping SIM printing more inline with the amount of SIM burning that is happening (through paying student debts, experimenting, unlocking techs, and buying new 3rd edition cards or bags of SIM item), we can keep a positive force on the SIM price. We just so happen to have the whole citizen loop aspect of gameplay to focus on for player APRs in the meantime as well.

Its not that we want to make our game inaccessible to newcomers. Its already one of the cheapest games out there because SIM has fallen 93% from its initial soft peg to HIVE. This is natural, and the game has evolved on its path to becoming one of the longest running NFT simulation games in the whole crypto-universe.

Are we bouncing off the lows? Do we have new energy to convince a new crop of players to spend a few dollars and roll a starter city, because its worth it, because there is still future left in this game? I think yes. And each player can vote how they like.

Freedom and Friendship

My president <3


I submitted my vote for you. Good luck.

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You have my vote!


Can we install you as dictator for life instead?


My vote is ready!

@tipu curate 2


I may not have much SIM power to throw in the ring, but I am a firm backer of attempting to reduce the supply to increase the value.

Plus your guides have helped me, and hopefully countless others, find a deeper understanding of this game.


You have also my president.


How does one vote for president?

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You got my vote Big Guy!


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I just started yesterday thanks to your guides and already voted you!
Let's see if we can bounce back ^^