Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 18 - Saturday 30 April 2022 | Win EDS for Comments - everyone welcome!

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Hello Everyone,

It's a busy weekend here - all my plants have arrived for the garden. Strawberries came a week or two ago, since then I have had tomatoes, broad beans and courgettes. The potatoes are in their pots. Time to check my seeds and see whether it is time for more things to go in the garden.

What are you up to this weekend? 😍

Remember it's Hive Power Up Day tomorrow - Sunday 1 May 2022. What are your plans?


Last week in the @eddie-earner EDS Report, he talks about the next miner for EDS:

the fun will begin all over with a new mini EDSM miner that will be sold off at 0.2 - 1 HIVE each.

I'm really on the fence between 25k miners at 1 HIVE, 50k at 0.5 HIVE or 100k miners at 0.25 HIVE each. The EDS mined will be exactly the same depending on the amount of HIVE invested but I'm not sure which will sell out faster, I'm thinking it'll take months as these first have. Anyway, that's still to be decided, other than that the process is simple.

Which do you think is the best option?

  • 25,000 miners at 1 HIVE
  • 50,000 miners at 0.5 HIVE
  • 100,000 miners at 0.25 HIVE each

Each miner will still mine the same proportionate amount of EDS tokens each year.
Each miner will pay out rewards (EDS tokens) for a minimum of 20 years.

Thank you to everyone who gave your thoughts: we had comments from @bearmol, @justclickindiva, @steem82868, @forsakensushi, @hoosie, @lauramica, @mikezillo, @jfang003, @dkid14, @phoenixwren, @benthomaswwd and @mypathtofire. Everyone went in the Wheel of Names and @dkid14 and @benthomaswwd each get an SPI yay!

Check the comments on last week's post and see whether you agree.

LARYNX and RAGNAROK - Have You Claimed Your Airdrops?

The LARYNX airdrop continues for the next ten months - remember to claim each month. Check how to do it in this post. Are you holding or selling your LARYNX? Tell us your plans in the comments below. You can do this automatically using Hivesigner.

Check the RAGNAROK Air Drop in this post.

Build your EDS Stack - Changes to EDSM purchases

Just over 100 EDSMs left in the market. Remember you can buy fractions of miners and stake them to start earning EDS tokens to build your HIVE income.

EDS and EDSM Queries

The quickest way to get any queries about payments resolved is to post a message in the #eddie-earner channel of the SPinvest discord: and tag @silverstackeruk. Most problems that happen are technical bugs and are quickly resolved once we know about them. Housekeeping for @eddie-earner, EDS and EDSM is usually done on Monday UTC.

365 Day Savings Challenge

It's Week 18 on our savings plan and we've added and powered up 8.19 HIVE to @susie-savings wallet - we're up to 72.60 HIVE already plus curation rewards! 🤑

EDS for Comments

We had comments from @justclickindiva, @yeckingo1, @jfang003, @bearmol, @dkid14, @ericburgoyne, @tokutaro22, @phoenixwren, @hoosie, @steem82868,@mikezillo, @lauramica, @missaj, @benthomaswwd, @arcange, @mypathtofire and @forsakensushi. Everyone went into the WheelofNames and we have two winners: @jfang003 and @benthomaswwd - hurrah! check your wallets.

Savings Goals

We've added some more savings goals and savings posts to the table. Leave a comment below with a link if you've done a savings post or settled on your savings goals for this year - it can take a while to decide your aims, so take your time and let us know when you're ready 😍

PS check that I have your goals correctly in the table or if I've missed you

Remember for success - Start Small, Start Today

It can be any day, and it can be any day when you've had a break and want to start again.

  • the best way to build wealth is to save small amounts regularly.

If you know anyone else who is interested in saving, please do tell them about the Saturday Savers Club, we love meeting people, sharing ideas and supporting each other. You'll find all the FAQs in this post and all the information about last year's progress in this post. Write a post to tell your friends and followers about us and drop a link in the comments below!

AccountPrimary GoalSecondary GoalInfo Post
@hoosie1,000 HP1,000 HBDSavings post
@steem828682,000 HP100 EDSSavings post
@susie-saver667.95 HP-launch post
@yeckingo11,000HPLeo LotteryLeo lottery post
@wolfofnostreet3,000HPHBDsavings post
@ericburgoyne3,000 INDEXHBDgoals post
@jfang003667.95 HBD-savings post
@justclickindiva15,000HP667.95 HBDsavings post
@bearmol2000HP-new savings goal
@missaj5000HP-let us know when you write a post
@tokutaro22384 HBD (computer)-savings post
@phoenixwrenMusic keyboard200 EDSsavings post
@lauramica667.95 HBD (travel fund)-savings post
@dkid1410,000HP-let us know when you write a post
@riandeukSplinterlands 250k50 EDSM50 EDSM achieved!
@blezyn667.95 HBDlocal currency (naira)?let us know when you write a post
@sally-notbright£667.95 (fiat)-let us know when you write a post
@benthomaswwd2,000 LISTNERDS6,000 ALIVESavings post
@dadspardan2,400 HBD-let us know when you write a post
@carlynn1,000 HP677.95 HBDSavings post
@alexvan+365HP-let us know when you write a post
@youyowi667.95 HBDEmergency fund (fiat)Savings post
@heypuch let us know your goal -let us know when you write a post
@omarcitorojas670 HIVE-Savings post
@nitsuga12600 HBD-Savings Post
@forsakensushi500 HP50 EDSM50% savings goals achieved!
@shanibeer65,000 HP50 EDSM50% savings goals achieved!
@rarej70 reputation50 EDSMSavings post
@mikezillo10,000 HP-let us know when you write a post

How's your week been? Did you hit your savings target? Tell us in the comments below!


@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver.
Many thanks to @raj808 for the banner design 🙂

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, and EDSMs are part of the SPInvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token), CUBLIFE (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account. SPInvest Family Motto: Get Rich Slowly.

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I hit my main Hive savings goal this week and had to adjust my goal for the year.

Have a great saturday.


Great savings report 😍. I've left a comment on your post.

had to adjust my goal for them year

Terrible when you have to do that 😁


Thanks, I'm happy to have found some other savers. 🙂




Hello @mypathtofire. Happy to hear you reached your savings goal this week. I'm constantly looking to see whether I need adjusting my goals also. It's a continuous process.

I'll stop by your post shortly. Take care.


Thanks for the EDS. I added an extra 50 HBD to my Hive Savings and I also plan on doing my monthly savings add tomorrow with my Hive Power Up post.

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Good news! Look forward to your Power Up post 😍


Hello @jfang003. Nice addition to your Hive Savings. I've dropped my Hive savings goal and am now strictly saving HBD.

See you tomorrow at HivePUD. Take care.


Thanks for the SPI.

I’m planning a big hike this weekend. Looking forward to being away from work.



That sounds fabulous 😍


Hello @dkid14. Have a fun hike this weekend.

Take care.

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PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
@hoosie(4/5) tipped @eddie-earner (x1)
dkid14 tipped eddie-earner (x1)

You can now send $PIZZA tips in Discord via!


This week I have reached 2015 HIVE in my savings, exceeding my goal .
Also added 3 EDS. I think great.
I plan to save some for Hive Power Up Day.
Keep saving every day!

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Fabulous! Have you written a post or maybe you will include it in a Power Up post tomorrow? Really great progress 😍


I will update my goals for this year.

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Hello @steem82868. Wow, how awesome to reach a whopping 2K Hive in your savings.

See you tomorrow on HivePUD. Also, good luck on your savings journey.

Take care.


Congrats to the winners! It's almost a new month so I'll be making an update post soon on my goals. In the meantime, I've gotten back just shy of $50 in rebates on ibotta app this month with my grocery shopping, so that's got to be a new couponing record for me and I'm very happy about that. :)


Wow, $50 dollars that's great. I think you were already in the top twelve for your area, you must have surpassed that already 😍. Makes such a difference! I'm still useless at it. The checkout operator checks my membership card for me now to see whether I have any offers 😂. Look forward to seeing your new post when you're ready, remember to drop a link here.


Yeah I still need to make my savings post, I am behind. 🙃 I will definitely link it when I get off my arse and do it!

I'm so geared to finding all the deals, coupons, and rebates that I kick myself when I forget. 😅 It makes a big difference when your budget is as tight as mine!


I believe it! 😍


Hello @eddie-earner and @shanibeer. Here is my Week 18 progress report for the Saturday Savers Club. For Week 18, I was able to add the projected 8.19 HBD pursuant to our savings plan.

Hive Power Up Day. I do plan to participate tomorrow. I don't have a lot of available liquid, but will definitely power up a small amount.

LARYNX / RAGNAROK. Already claimed April's LARYNX. Will check out the post to claim RAGNAROK. Thanks for the heads-up.

Congratulations to: @dkid14 and @benthomaswwd for winning an SPI for your comments on the new mini-miner. My thought was to sell 100,000 at .25. That way, Hive members will be able to see their amounts add up quickly. The various increments are the same; however, on the purchasers' side, I feel it psychologically more advantageous to be able to visually see and realize your increase amount in one single transaction.

Savers Club members. Wow. I love the increased participation. Welcome all new members to the Club. I'll stop by and visit your goals' posts.

Congrats to: @jfang003 and @benthomaswwd for winning in the Wheel Of Names for the EDS comments.

@shanibeer, happy to hear your garden is coming along nicely.

Take care everyone, and have a good rest of your weekend.


Hi @justclickindiva, great to see your progress 😍.

I'm very slow with my commenting this week - I'm spending a lot of time in the garden!

The comments about the proposed price of the new miners are interesting. I get what you are saying about seeing your stack grow, that's a good point.


Hello. It's good you get to spend time in your garden. I've started a new exercise program outdoors in my back yard. It's no longer feasible for me to take advantage of the neighborhood walking trail. It's beginning to get hot here, so early a.m. is a good time to be out in the yard. Good luck with your garden.

I like to see my investments accumulate quicker. Just makes me feel like I'm making progress faster with a smaller amount spent. Same concept, just mentally it works for me.

Thanks for visiting and take care.


Another week of buying hive engine tokens when folks are selling of cheap.
Net all my goals and then some. Middle of May will get our balcony back from being repaired then it will be time to get the garden planted in a hurry Tomatoes, strawberries, onion, lettuce and peppers will be all we have room for this year. Hope everyone has a great week


You seem to be on a run, @ericburgoyne.
Some great choices for your balcony garden this year. How long is your growing season?


runs most years from mid May till latter part of September some years a lot longer you just never know (grin)


Hi All, I had a good week (+35 HP, +175 ALIVE, +97 LOLZ, +2.82 UTPOIS and +70 DHEDGE) - and I'm looking forward to HIVE PUD tomorrow as I've got a decent amount of liquid HIVE at the moment. My weekly update can be found here:
All the best, Hoosie


@eddie-earner! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @hoosie. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.


Good to see you @hoosie, thank you for the link to your post 😍

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Hello fellow Savers,

Congratulations 🎉👏 to this week's beneficiaries of tokens.

This week I'm at 1165HP on my way to 2000HP. I also recently celebrated10,000 Upvotes.

Here is my report for this week

This Month's Report Comparing to Previous Month

Do minimalists have a carbon footprint

Check out my post and support if you can.

Have a great week.


Great to see you @bearmol 😍


Great to see you too @shanibeer


I choose the option 100,000 miners at 0.25 HIVE each.

This week has been complicated and I have fallen a little short of the target but I hope to be able to reverse the situation soon.
Here is my savings report for this week:


This week has been complicated ...

Hope you are okay @tokutaro22. Good to see you 😍


For now, I have removed my HBD savings of about 28 because I needed to pay off some debt but I am hoping that I will be able to get back on my feet after now.

Congratulations to the winners.


Good to see you @carlynn 😍.
It sounds like you are getting things sorted out, that's good to hear. Let me know if you want to adjust your goal - perhaps aim for a smaller amount for the end of the year? Maybe try for 1 HIVE or 0.10 HBD a week? Let me know what you think.


Hello 👋 friends ,
It has been a busy week. Now that the concert is over , I’ll focus on an outdoor event this weekend. I believe I’ll need to update my goal for the year very soon. I might need to save for a Jamaica trip with the whole tribe instead of focusing on that hive power. Will let you know real soon.


Good to see you @missaj 😍
Your plans sound interesting, look forward to hearing more. What was the concert? Any footage to share with us here?