When My Wife Asked Me Do You Have Bitcoin?

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I was amazed to hear my wife asking me suddenly from nowhere, 'do you have Bitcoin'?

I was sort of like what? How do you know about Bitcoin because she doesn't even know about cryptos then how come she is asking me about Bitcoin suddenly.

I asked here, where did you hear about Bitcoin. She said, well I heard about it on a national news channel saying that the price of Bitcoin has fallen.

I said, No. I don't have a bitcoin, wish I could have lol. And then said well if you could have bought one or two bitcoins then we would have completed our home that is under construction and would have bought a nice car.

Well yeah sweetheart, I wish I could have done that for you but my hopes are still there earning Hive and saving it.

Hive right now is trading around $1.50 on coinmarketcap.com as of now I am writing this post.

1Day Hive Price Graph on Coinmarketcap.com

Well, Hive has come down but I don't think it's a matter of concern for us. I have my hopes attached to Hive and I want to make the best out of this platform by writing and engaging here.

Since I don't get savings from my low paid salary, Hive is sort of replacing that as my savings.

I can imagine how Hive can impact our lives when it hits $100 in the coming year or two. And it's so possible for Hive because I see the potential in it.

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