John McAfee dies just like he said he would: suicided in prison.

Rapist, murderer, drug addict, power-tripping warlord wannabe, tech mogul, yoga guru, tax evader, libertarian, and literal shit eater…

One Million Dollars!

The Unit-Bias is Real. The obsession with this number has been pervasive for decades. Funny, because decades ago a million dollars was…

It's a long road.

The road to recovery is daunting and arduous. Healing takes a lot of time and injuries sustained can be devastating while on the men

Scrambling to get rich quickly is ironically the thing making you poor.

Stop being greedy. Just stop. Stop putting so much money into random defi yield farms (a little is fine). Stop margin/leverage trading…

Subsidized Airdrops

Back before the market went to shit... what was that? A month ago? Seems like longer. Time flies when you're getting wrecked. In any…

Market Watch: Triple Bottom

I'm feeling a lot better today. Yesterday I started my morning with a ridiculous 3 hour session of Starcraft 2. Turns out playing a fast…

spoon theory: out of mana

While spoon theory was originally developed to describe the energy it takes to do common tasks while suffering from chronic illness, it…

Market Watch: Hodl your breath for $35k.

Technical analysis for Bitcoin right now is in an extremely tenuo

Magitek Fire & Lightning: INFINITE LIQUIDITY!

Liquidity is one of the most important things in an economy. Like an engine without oil, an economy without liquidity will seize up and…

Magitek Schedules: Infinite Loop

Old habits die hard. It's easy to get stuck in loops during life. Some of those loops might be simp

Mark Cuban is Still a Dumbass

As you may or may not know, a random DEFI token called Titan got wrecked yesterday. Crashing to zero after a hack. The dev team called…

Logistics Matters: Just-In-Time Business Model

We've seen the prices of certain assets skyrocket during the pandemic and lockdowns. Lumber is just starting to come back down. Many…


Should you declare bankruptcy? What are the advantages? What about the disadvantages? Surprisingly, most people don't know. Even…

Bringing Tools for Freedom to El Salvador

Today a group of a couple dozen plus passionate entrepreneurs, founders, technologists, innovators and more are spending the whole day in…

Cub on a tear; tear for the bear.

Over the last 3 days CUB has been making huge moves back up while the rest of the market trades relatively flat. Most attribute this rise…

Bo Burnham: Inside (Libertarian Communist)

My brand of politics has always been pretty weird and hard to explain. I've always considered myself to fall somewhere on the extreme…

Roaring 20's: Generation Alpha; Bunker Babies

Hey looks like the world is ending. We should probably have a kid. It's just so damn convenient! Working from home is such a…

Pandora's Box: Central Banking Nightmare.

Here, take this box, but don't open it!

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

So apparently the Bitcoin network (miners) are signaling with overwhelming support that they are going to allow the "Taproot" update to go…

Prepare to be Dominated!

Bitcoin dominance is rising again, and this may just be the start. I've voiced my concern over this in the past. The next run up could…