Market Watch: Coordinated FUD

We haven't seen coordinated FUD this strong for quite some time. Yesterday Vitalik dumped and bunch of the airdrops he was gifted from…

AMM Deep Dive

Up until today I was very worried that I had [bitten off more than I could chew with the current project I'm working on.](

Adventures in Onboarding

Some of you know I've been fiddling around with a new onboarding scheme. Basically, I'm openly advertising Hive on Steem. 😎 The "hard…

Auction House: Resource Credits Make the Best Listing Fee

Taking a WOW auction-house refresher. It's been a long time since I played World of Warcraft. I probably played over 10k hours back in…

Witnesses as Oracles: Vastly Underutilized Resource

A big part of the project I'm trying to build right now DEPENDS on the witness price feed. While we are trappe

DCA Hive Sell Range: $5-$50 ; Bitcoin $200k-$400k

Everyone says "buy the dip". People are getting so lazy about it they say BTFD (buy the fucking dip). Keep calm and keep buyi

Inflation is the killer dapp.

99% of everyone seems to think inflation is bad. No one wants their currency devalued by printing more. Why not? Every economist knows…

Magitek Tokenomics

It's a bit premature for me to be talking about this stuff way before any of it is ready, but whatever. Need to get back to work and this…

Introducing LeoBridge: Permissionless Cross-Chain Swaps ERC20 -> BEP20

Everything in DeFi moves at a ridiculously fast pace. People expect the world to change overnight, contracts to be written in minutes and…

Oracle Consensus & Burn Tokenomics

Don't wanna spend too much time on Hive/LEO today... Been working pretty hard on my database. I've come to realize that what I've been

Decentralized Development: Every dev will be freelance.

Very few seem to understand where this is all going. We are so early in the game dev teams are still 100% centralized and

Never depend on your bankroll.

This is a mistake that most gamblers investors make on a habitual basis. Never gamble with your rent money. Don't gamble with the…

Virtual Smart-Contracts & Derivative Consensus

The Fire is Lit Some people on Hive would get very discouraged after getting downvoted for ove

Micro-Charges: The Future is Paying for Bandwidth.

The Rules of Web 2.0 are very clear: If you want a lot of users you have to give away the product for free and then monetize it in…

Venture Capitalism to be Antiquated

What is the purpose of venture capital? Making money is not easy. Making a lot of money is even harder. For the most part, in order to…

April showers bring May flowers

Summer is coming! I do

Make Physical Bitcoin Transactions With OpenDime

Hey Jessatsohis When I speak about Bitcoin to normies, no-coiners and pre-coiners, one of the major objections are that there is no…

Hive Scaling vs Bitcoin

Everyone touts Hive as a fast and feeless network that can outscale the vast majority of other projects, but is this actually true? If…

Reward Pool Abuse

Lots to say lots to say. First of all let's begin with something I wanted to address for a while now. Lately I've been randomly accused…

Real Inside of Fairy Land

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Answered a few common questions I'm getting and I take a deep macro look at the