The Value of Community In A Cooperative

▶️ Watch on 3Speak When we look at a crypto ecosystem, we often hear the term community tossed aroun

News of the Day

Oh look at that a cold place figured out you can [get heat for free.](

Triggered Again! There is no such thing as IP in the WEB3 era.

Saw another article today about quote "[How Intellectual property could be Transferred through the Blockchain Ecosystem](

Ten Red Flags of the Crypto Mega-Bubble

Financial markets are a zero-sum game. For every winner, there is a loser. This is just an unfortunate fact. Hopefully one that cry

Disbelief: this is a sucker's rally!

Never have I been more certain as to exactly what stage of the game we are in right now. I can see it all o

EFT APPROVED: short squeezed

Just a quick post letting everyone know that the Valkyrie Bitcoin Futures ETF has b

The Long and Short of it.

Two days ago I opened a short on Bitcoin at $55750. Hm yeah, it hasn't played out so well. I logged into Binance today and see that I'm…

This is how Web3 will be Regulated:

I got massively triggered yesterday when I came across an article titled: [a16z to

Digital Feedback Loop

Decentralization comes from the metaverse. I've been coming to the realization that everything in this world is going to be…

Market Watch: October 18th (Beware the BLOOD MOON)

Lots happening in the month of October. And it seems that October 18th might be a crux of sorts. ![crux_skystars.jpg](

How much is enough?

It's good to be back after a weekend of visiting family. I always tell myself I'll write some blog posts while I'm on the road but the…

Hive Dump Got Ya Down?

Watching Hive price go from $1.60 to 85 cents isn't easy! Crap did I just lose $170000? Of course unrealized gains and losses mean nothi

LEO Tech-Support Tickets

I don't often have technical issues with LeoFinance and associated subsidiaries, but when I do I use the [tech-support channel in Di

Last Night's Hive Pump + LEO Arbitrage

So yeah last night was pretty crazy. I randomly clicked on Keychain and saw this: ![retinassearedtunanewphonearcherfacemeltsparks.png](

Market Watch: New Moon Tomorrow!

I was going to write this yesterday or the day before, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it... but I think Bitcoin is due…

R.I.P. WinCo!

I thought the cost-of-living in Pennsylvania would be dirt cheap but living in the valley had me a bit spoiled. California real-estate…

The future and fiat don't mix.

Technology has been progressing exponentially for over a hundred years now. However, we are approaching an impasse. The way curre

404: Blog Not Found

Sorry, this post doesn't exist yet! I always make an effort to link the posts I write back to other posts I've written on the same topic…

Police harassment, crypto misunderstanding and I absolutely hate it here

Yesterday is going down as one of the worst days of my life. The only time I actually ever felt this level of fear was when I thought I…

Market Watch: Hello October!

It should be no surprise that the market pumped today the second we got out of Septe