Bitcoin to Break $50k on September 21st.

We got the flash crash the day after the new moon, so I assume we get the pump the day after the full moon. This market wants to pump so…

What to know about RCs (Resource Credits) and why HIVE is so amazing

I can't be more bullish on HIVE right now, as reported in my recent post entitled, ["I am SO bullish on HIVE right now!"](

numbers for crunching

I've stated with much certainty that a Hive/HBD AMM yield farm directly on-chain is a no-brainer. It's only a matter of time. What I…

September 20th: The Harvest Moon Awaits

Aptly named, the next full moon, the Harvest Moon, will be upon us in the next five days. This very well may be the end of the last bad…

Crypto Empire: Digital Imperialism Emerging.

Crypto is all about decentralization and trust, but it is even more about compromises, tradeoffs, and emergent open-source…

O-M-G... a whale upvoted... Me!

I don't know how many of you were onboarded during the 2017 bull run, but personally my [first post](

Walmart Fake News

Cryptocurrency litecoin gave up a 20% gain and tumbled back to earth following a fake pre

No more BUSD: CUB IDO Clarifications

Judging from my last post on the subject, previous CUB bulls are now totally burnt out on CUB. Soon™ Nobody

To those it may concern:

I tag leofinance and proofofbrain in every post. Sometimes I get shit for tagging leo 100% of the time because it's supposed to be…

Major Update to CUB IDO System | IDO #2, #3, #4

The IDO technology we built for CubFinance worked flawlessly from a mechanical perspective. CUB-BUSD went in, CAKEPOP went out. The round…

Market Watch: Cub to Burn 100% in next IDO.

$29k $38k $44.5k After the third main supply-shock ($44.5k) was confirmed: the market clearly became unstable as the trendline…

Redefining Retirement: The War of Work is Over.

How much money do you need to retire? If you have a dozen sources of passive income but continue on making money actively as well, does…

Infrastructure Lacking: We need more Templates.

Crypto is very much still in the Wild West phase. I look at a lot of these tokens coming out and it reminds me of the ridiculous…

Emergency Flash Crash!

Last n

Trapped in a game of Factorio

I've never liked Sandbox games. I guess the ultimate sandbox game is Minecraft, and I just do not understand the appeal. For me…

Supply-Shock Confirming at $50k

On some of the worst volume I've ever seen, Bitcoin continues to move up against all odds. We see that the linear line drawn from the…

These numbers are absurd.

Ramping up to peak absurdity. The human brain does a very bad job of processing exponential growth. The process of doubling somethi

$1 $1 $1!


Market Watch: September

Everything is up today. Bitcoin has broken $50k to the upside. Ethereum approaches $4000. Litecoin is above $210. Hive…

One POW to Rule them all

There's an overwhelming sentiment from the Bitcoin maximalist tribe (and elsewhere) that Bitcoin will be the only POW coin to survive the…