24 Hours: Assault on the Capitol

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So my girlfriend was doom-scrolling last night on TikTok, something that seems to be happening more and more often lately. The constant stream of random TikToks being played in the background is sure to remind me that we are living in extremely high-anxiety times.

I decided to turn on the TV for the first time in a while and see if I could divert her attention to something else. The second I open HULU this is what I see:



Really? Thanks Hulu.

Well I know for a fact this will stop the doomscrolling, but at what cost? Let's jump right into this fear porn! Shall we?

In truth, I did not want to watch this, but I was compelled to because it's a tech company shoving it in the face of how many people on HULU? I mean sure... maybe the HULU AI knows this kind of thing is up our alley and they are NOT blasting everyone with it... but it's not like I know that one way or another.

This short documentary seemed pretty objective; at least it wanted to maintain the appearance of objectiveness. There are so many moving parts to the story that it's easy to get lost in it all.

Save the date: December 14th; Faithless Electors, Civil War, and Martial Law... jk

So obviously I wrote about this on November 11th, on the blockchain for all to see.

--6 January 2021: the House and Senate hold a joint session to count the electoral votes. If one ticket has received 270 or more electoral votes, the president of the Senate, currently vice-president Mike Pence, announces the results.

This was obviously one of the big dates. Never before had I actually been interested in the process of the electoral college to brush up on it this much. It was very obvious that crazy shit was going to go down.

Everyone knew this was a threat, and still, security at the capitol was a joke. The documentary said as much, but doesn't really try to guess at why (aka was this by design). Rather they lightly leaned towards the direction that this was allowed to happen due to systemic racism in this country and white people are allowed to get away with more of the bullshit.


Gee, looks like you had plenty of security when the protesters had a different skin color on a day of way less importance. The documentary glosses over the undertones of white supremacy a little bit. I feel like some of the stuff they portrayed may have been a bit problematic... but I don't really want to get into that right now.

It's also a lot easier to see how and why one of the protestors got shot at the start. I largely ignored this entire thing while it was happening so watching the doc gave me a lot more perspective than I had before. Obviously when a mob of Qanon zealots is trying to break through the barricade you've set up and you have a gun... yeah... maybe you fire into the crowd out of sheer panic.

I mean I personally would have fired a warning shot first and would have been yelling a bit more... but that's just me. Also, if you're going to shoot someone... shoot them in the leg... then they need help: classic battle tactic. Killing someone can enrage the enemy while wounding someone might take 2 or even 3 other people out of the fight. No, they didn't talk about how it was weird that there was so little blood from a bullet to the jugular. I'm guessing none of her arteries were severed and she choked to death on her own blood while in full body-shock. What a way to go. Very metal. Get used to it, because this story has only just begun.



You know what's not being talked about? Election security. How are we going to stop this from happening again? Sure as shit not going to be ramping up security on the election process so that everyone feels like it's fair and they weren't cheated. No, we need to crack down on those protestors and erect the Patriot Act 2.0.

All this documentary does in my mind is create a lot more questions than answers. Never in the entire thing was the word Qanon or zealot used, yet that's exactly what I am seeing: an "army" of "righteous" zealots who believe without question that the election was stolen from them and it's up to them to fix it. It's a shame such blind rage with no organization had zero chance of actually succeeding while simultaneously empowering our oppressors to impose more Draconian measures.

It is in this context that it's easy to see how the rioters could have overpowered security. Not only did this group have some kind of sympathy from authority (be that stemming from systemic racism or otherwise), but also events like this allow the Biden Administration to justify whatever New Normal has been planned for us. The FBI knew, the cops knew, even I knew about and wrote about this November 11th, yet security was still shit on Jan 6th seemingly on purpose. Hm. Go figure.

We're now left with several questions: what was the motive (if any) for such lax security? Was it really just "because racism"? It's pretty obvious that Trump allowed this riot to happen for quite some time seemingly on purpose. Is he really so naïve to think he could coup the presidency, or is he a literal reality-TV actor playing a part? As we approach January 20th how much more craziness can we expect? Why is this narrative of fear so bullish for the markets (I wonder)?

But mostly I think the ultimate questions are going to start revolving around the origins of Qanon and what's going on there. The sheer irony and hilarity of the idea that Qanon could be a CIA/FBI psyop specifically designed to foster terrorism in America so it can justify the Patriot Act 2.0... That literally sounds like a Qanon conspiracy in itself.

So meta right now.

I think when it really comes down to it, it doesn't really matter why these things are happening. They are happening and they are going to keep happening. Even if we figured it all out 100%, does it matter? This is probably all Russia's doing, amirite? Knowing why/how doesn't mean it can be stopped.

We live in a digital age were knowledge, data, and truth/deception/public-opinion are quickly becoming the most valuable assets in the world. As citizens of the cryptoverse, we don't need to fully parse all this craziness going on in the world. We've already hedged against this future simply by being here.

Even if you have no crypto now, simple being here and becoming active is a huge hedge. We are building economies and creating jobs. The bars for development will be lowered; the people will be paid.


Crypto is an ugly and inefficient lifeboat. This Titanic only has enough escape-vectors to save so many people. If you're here already, you'll probably make it through the Dark Winter alright, but not unscathed. It's the wave of users who enter during the next mega-bubble that are going to get absolutely wrecked... and there is very little we can do about that I feel like.

One thing is certain:

Our rights of free-speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to protest are under constant attack. And that statement has arguably nothing to do with Trump/Parlor being canceled. The pattern of disrespect and hypocrisy in regard for the constitution has been blatant for over a decade.

Six feet guys, six feet.

This is a matter of public safety.
If you do not agree you are an enemy of the state.
Dare I say: "domestic terrorist".

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