Bitcoin World Tree: Hive is Agave

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And so the World Tree of Bitcoin dropped all kinds of weird fruit and seeds on the ground, and many of these seeds took root.


Check it out... Ethereum and and a handful of Tokens!


But ETH was not the only thing to fall off the tree.


What is that weird thing?

I call it Hive... we watered this one too much last time during the Great Flood and it's been recovering for the last 3 years. Hopefully the caretakers have learned their lesson this time around.


The World Tree doesn't live forever, but with a little luck, the life that it leaves behind will thrive and adapt to suit the environment. Not the other way around.
Bitcoin is Alive: The Armadillo Analogy

In 2017 when everything was mooning, we all cheered.

Sweet victory, amirite?

Was it really though?

Volatility can be seen as an attack against the network in question. We've all seen how a hostile takeover works. When a currency is no longer stable in any sense, it becomes quite difficult to call it a currency. Perhaps that will change as more abundance mindsets replace those composed of artificial scarcity.

Regardless, as price pumps, somebody is buying. Do you trust the people buying? Do they have everyone's best interest at heart? On average, the market is very largely neutral, with a bell-curve of users in each direction on the spectrum.


Where do you fall?

If Hive were to say get pumped x100 again over the next year, that would be BAD. Too much water for Hive, Hive can not absorb that much liquidity or growth. Back into another 3 year bear-cycle we will fall.

Sell the peak, buy the dips

This is the only way to increase stability. Interestingly enough the market rewards us for our efforts. The problem is we guess far too often where the top and bottom are, rather than employing measured hedge strategy. All too often we will impulsively move all in or out of a market, leaving little to zero buffer should things not go our way.

No, it doesn't help that HBD needs fixing.

The more a market moves in one direction, the more we should be willing to bet against it sliding further, for both pumps and dumps. This is the value of Uniswap pools and Geyser rewards. We are rewarded to bet against the market, and lower volatility.

Controlling liquidity is key.




Hive is alive

So tell me, are we treating her with respect?
Are these sustainable practices?
Hard questions need answering.
But the likelihood of many being blinded by this next sprint is high.


Money is only part of the equation. We need sustainable growth, not this cancerous corporate growth that we are used to; our very mind-states tainted by lifetimes of celebrated corruption. More money doesn't always mean more better.

Volatility can be a weapon.

And it cuts both ways.


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