CUB Doubles the Lows

16 days ago
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I'm suddenly realizing that if I had just 100% entered the den at $1.90 I'd of already more than doubled my money by now. CUB is moving up fast as money from the outside pours into the main LP pools.

This morning APR between the main BUSD and BNB LP pools was about even at 500%, so I decided to once again try my luck at pushing more of my stack into BNB. Instantly one or more whales did exactly the same thing after me and pushed the difference in APR higher than 100%, so that's pretty damn annoying. The network is still massively signaling it wants more inflation in the BNB pool. x42 for each pool looking like it would work pretty well at this point. Might have to wait for governance votes to start making moves like that.


With the price of CUB going up like this the ones in the den have made the most money. Being in the den longs the price of CUB without having to sell any in the LP farms. If the price of CUB goes up, the only way to avoid impermanent loss is to enter the BNB pool and hope the price increases of BNB match CUB's. Tough sell on that front; that would be a very lucky outcome.



Quarter two starts tomorrow (finally). These are exciting times. The chance that every token starts mooning in April, and especially May is very high. At this point May is almost guaranteed to go up steadily with very little (if any) pullbacks. Of course there's always the very high possibility of a local blow-off top in June as we often get with sideways trading for the rest of the summer. Should be an epic time for the alt-market.

Beware BSC

This is a good time to remind everyone that BSC is fully centralized to Binance. If Binance gets hacked that could easily break the pegs on BSC and users would lose their money. That's actually a nice thing about not having a Binance listing at the moment, because even if this happened I think bLEO would technically be safe and we could bridge the money back into the LEO ecosystem.

Speaking of bLEO, the ROI on the bLEO/BNB pool is x10 what we get on LEO/wLEO. I've started another powerdown to pump some more money into that pool, but honestly I'd prefer if others did that instead to balance out the yields and make it more financially viable to stay on the main chain. Again, the security of LEO and bLEO is theoretically much different. Something to think about.

At the end of the day having funds on BSC it's pretty much exactly the same as having them on Binance. BSC isn't anymore decentralized than Binance itself, because all tokens are pegged via Binance and all bridges have to go through the Binance API. Having money on BSC is exactly the same as having them on a centralized exchange. I don't think a lot of people realize this. Luckily cold-storage security is probably just fine as we move forward.

I <3 Binance Mafia

Binance is the best exchange in the world and they likely have the best security in the world as well. Of course we'll never know for sure because they'd never say exactly how they accomplish their security, but I assume it employs many safeguards and decentralized attributes. They seem to be the best corporation as making the transition to a decentralized ecosystem, by a huge margin.

That being said decentralization is key and shoving all your assets into the BSC ecosystem is an extreme risk compared to keeping those assets on their respective chains with their respective associated security systems intact. That's the thing about greed and these high yields. People just see dollar signs and don't think about the risks involved.


CUB still killing it. Price almost at $4. Market cap broke $5M. Still waiting on audits, the bridge, and Kingdoms. Not to mention the mythical lending dapp we were teased with a few weeks back. By all accounts CUB should flip LEO very soon as we lure more BSC money into the ecosystem with the roots we are laying down today. Exciting times.

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