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I found this little gem a couple days ago.

Should have shared it earlier.
Better now than never I suppose.

So I saw this post in the trending tab on Leofinance. Decided to read it, and I was not disappointed. @thranax is on a mission to find out why the price of Proof-of-Brain token has crashed on HiveEngine, and he's found the answer! Mean ol' greedy @onealfa is the reason!

Let me remind everyone that the only reason why I saw this post to begin with was that it was upvoted into trending by @onealfa himself, so you know this is going to be good.


As you know, I have been fighting for a few days against the two bots that are sinking the price of POB with a bot in two different accounts @gimme-your-coinz and @take-my-coinz.

So apparently @onealfa runs a market-making bot to add liquidity to HiveEngine tokens. Spoiler alert: liquidity is good. Markets want liquidity. Rivers that dry up leave nothing but dead fish behind.

So when the price is going up, no big deal, hurray for @onealfa, but when prices are going down that mean ol' greedy @onealfa is the devil! Can we see the ridiculous logic employed here?

A market making bot will automatically lower the price if that's the way momentum is going. To expect that @onealfa should just eat the loss and set up a buy-wall so the price doesn't decline... wow. Who's the greedy one again?

Caveman tech ignorancebitcoin.png

This is seriously perfectly tailored example of the rabble lashing out and making foolishly outlandish claims to the point of complete absurdity. @onealfa comes in and makes POB a thing, adds more value to the project that any other person on the network, but yet he's the reason for the price decline. Mindblowing!

And then to act like some detective uncovering a conspiracy about the entire thing. Wow. If he was trying to hide it... he would have hidden it. These are not hard things to do. Funneling the money through any centralized exchange's hot wallet will do the trick.


Don't bash people for selling their crypto.
It makes you look like an idiot.
The sole purpose of a currency is to convey value.
Failure has not occurred when value gets conveyed.

The ignorance displayed within the cryptosphere is vast because the complexity is vast. People need to learn how to take a less reactive approach to problem solving. We shouldn't be looking for someone to blame after bad things happen. Fix the problem and move on, if possible.

This is exactly what happened with the Steemit hostile takeover. People did not become outraged with our witnesses until the exchanges did the unthinkable and actually powered up funds (becoming insolvent) to attack the network. The problem was the exchanges, but everyone blamed the witnesses for "stealing money". Lawls, nice try. Stop trying to rewrite history. As if we hadn't been under threat for weeks on end before that decision was made.

If you need to blame someone for the fact that you lost money, perhaps try blaming yourself. We are at the precipice of an entirely new economy. There's digital gold in these mountains, and it's no one's fault but our own for not knowing how to mine this value.

The irony of this particular situation is pretty legendary. Did the price of Proof-of-Brain go down because @onealfa is a greedy asshole, or was this a completely thoughtless accusation based on the tunnel vision and greed of the accuser? The answer is quite obvious. Number go down, I blame @onealfa!

This is a cooperative arena.
We would do well to remember that (myself included).

At the end of the day it would be nicer to simply tell people like @thranax "No, you're gravely mistaken, and here's why," and then simply move on and continue building. These are learning experiences.

On that note, it's important to point out that this post was justifiably downvoted to zero on the main chain, while it still ranks quite high on both LEO and POB. Interpret that as you will. Hive is a bit less forgiving than some of the other communities around here.

Diversity is beneficial.

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