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Automation is coming!

Dey terk ur jerbs! All the jobs being created are unskilled labor jobs that pay near minimum wage. Fifty years ago these jobs were called "blue-collar" and they weren't unskilled. We needed people to work on assembly lines in factories. We needed people to keep track of logistics and inventory by hand instead of with computers. We didn't have the Internet. Over the decades, everything has changed.

Even jobs that we thought would be around forever are disappearing. When millions of people can learn something for free with an online tutorial better than in a classroom, what do we need teachers for? When a drone can drop off groceries at my house there probably isn't going to be some high-school kid stocking shelves at the store. Farmers have already been slashed to ribbons by abundance technology. This day in age it would take 100 farmers to do the work of one person using modern equipment.


Abundance is coming!

The powers that be tell us that we will own nothing and we will be happy. How is this possible? Abundance. Supply and demand. If food is infinite then food is free. If power is infinite then power is free. And so on and so forth. The infinite power of the sun (fusion) provides theoretically infinite resources. We just haven't figured out how to harness them yet. But we are getting close.

Displacement is coming.

The reason why abundance technology hasn't skyrocketed out of control already is that governance doesn't move fast enough. What are we going to do when every teacher, truck driver, farmer, and factory worker becomes completely irrelevant? Abundance technology is being held back because the distribution of that abundance is being ruled by scarcity governance/capitalism. Automation can't take over in its current state because that would completely collapse the economy. That's where crypto comes in to save the day.


We've reached a turning point in society.

Used to be we did all we could to make everything more efficient. Higher throughput. Lower costs. Sleek streamlined systems with the lowest overhead possible and the highest yields. Those days are coming to an end.

Now all that matters is distribution and trust. We've reached a major turning point with technology where so much abundance is being created that the bottleneck no longer lies in supply, but rather the fair distribution of that supply. The only solution to this problem is crypto, smart-money, and unbreakable contracts.


Crypto is all about robust redundancy.

Crypto is the opposite of the legacy economy in pretty much every way. There is no such thing as intellectual property. It's extremely secure and trustworthy. It's extremely inefficient.

It becomes obvious that when crypto takes over, there will be an infinite amount of work to do and an infinite amount of money to make because there will be an infinite amount of resources to distribute. So the answer to the question: "What do we do when all the jobs get automated?" is pretty simple: crypto is the answer.

And thus, getting to the actual point.

And after an 8 paragraph introduction we can see where I'm going with all this. Employees that get automated out of the workforce need to be retrained in a discipline that actually has value to crypto. The most obvious thing to ask these people first is: "Hey, how would you like to learn JavaScript?"

Sure, it's not for everyone, but when you're being paid to learn that's a strong motivator. Why JavaScript? Because it is the native language of HTML and web pages. You can use it to boot up a server (node.js) that can connect to the entire world. That server can then connect with a myriad of databases and APIs in unique and valuable ways.

Most importantly, JavaScript is an ASYNCRONOUS programming language. That means when you ask another node for information you don't have to wait for that node to answer you, the code can continue running and will circle back to the promise that is provided later. This allows us to talk to dozens of nodes all at once without having to wait for them to get back to us in order. It's probably the hardest thing to wrap your brain around at first but it's worth it.

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But how?

How in the hell are we going to teach truck drivers and factory workers JavaScript? I have some ideas on gamification that would help. The biggest motivator is being paid to learn. With crypto, we can make a game that teaches people JavaScript and pays them to do it. Why would we pay them? Because that's what crypto is all about. Those people have value to us and we pay them to bring that value to our network.

When it really comes down to it the chance of truck drivers learning to code in any meaningful way is low, however kids these days are always willing to learn more about technology, especially if you turn it into a game and pay them to do it. I fully believe there will be a high-school billionaire within the next 10-20 years.

Net Ninja

So there's a board game called Hacker that I used to play with my friends. There are these cards you lay down to create the board and then you roll dice trying to hack into servers and stuff to finally become a leet haxor or whatever and win the game.

Hacker WIKI

In early 1990, SJG was developing a game called GURPS Cyberpunk. On March 1 of that year, the company was raided by the United States Secret Service as part of a nationwide investigation of data piracy.[1] The agents took computers, printers, hard drives, at least one pocket calculator, over 300 floppy disks, and an entire BBS server.[1] In the court case that followed, the Secret Services justified their actions by calling GURPS Cyberpunk "a handbook for computer crime".[1]

You legit can't make this stuff up.

Can you fucking imagine? THE SECRET SERVICE trying to say a board game is "a handbook for computer crime"? This is not a joke: this is a real thing that happened.

In any case, there's an award you can get in the game called NET NINJA. We'd randomly make jokes about it. NET NINNNNJA! You can't hear the way that I'm saying it so I guess it's a hilarious inside joke. In any case, eventually I'd like to create a game called Net Ninja that is essentially like a crypto farming game RPG type thing where users actually learn to code JavaScript.

Requiring modules like require('http')... connecting to other nodes like new dhive.Client()... setting up firewalls and monitoring/regulating ports. Breaking into other nodes. Whitehat vs Blackhat (reputation system). Contract work. Mining cryptocurrency. Creating Arrays []... Creating objects {}... yada yada yada.

And because there will be cryptocurrency involved and there is a MONENTARY INCENTIVE to play and learn, users will be getting paid to play a game where they are also learning javascript concurrently. Would be pretty legendary if I could pull it off.

Before they know it, players who play this game would be learning javascript perhaps without even knowing they are learning javascript. Of course there are some things that need to be dumbed down to make the game more fun, but still.


RIP Python

Honestly I wish I could focus more on getting people to learn Python instead. It's a great language and I like it a lot even if it is very slow compared to everything else. But again, JavaScript is the answer because of its asynchronous nature in combination with being the native language of HTML. Facts are Facts: if we want people to be interacting with web pages and connecting to other servers then it's gotta be JavaScript.

On a certain level this is totally fine because the knowledge one can gain from learning JavaScript can be translated to other languages. Every language has arrays/lists. Every language has objects. These two things are the core foundation of every modern object-oriented programming language. If we can get people learning the basics they'll have an easier time learning any new language.


But what about Sybil attack?

So we make this system and start paying people to learn JavaScript. What happens when ironically some blackhat comes along and creates a bot army that farms the game for money? How do we stop this from happening?

Quite simply put: the underlying cryptocurrency can be permissionless, but the reward pool probably can't be. Players will have to get permission to play the game if they want to get paid to learn. We can't just allow any account to boot up a farm and extract value from the reward pool. That's the likely cost of doing business. This would be an exclusive game available only to accounts that the governance votes approve.

It is possible that the game could be complex enough to avoid the Sybil attack in the beginning, but hackers always find a way when there is money involved. That means it could be permissionless to start and turn into a permissioned system after it falls under attack and gets rampaged by a bot army. Of course I'm getting way ahead of myself because I'm not even working on this project yet. This is all a brainstorm I have sitting on the back burner.


This is all going to cause intense brand loyalty and downright zealotry. This is the attention economy, and giving away money is the easiest way to get attention. Imagine, if you will, someone who was working for minimum wage that gets laid off for whatever reason. Doesn't even matter what their salary was, they are looking for work and jobs are slim pickins.

This person stumbles upon a game that will pay them to learn. Wow, that's pretty crazy. Maybe they can't earn that much in the beginning but it's worth it because it's a game, they choose their own hours, and they are learning a very valuable skill. So they work hard and they learn more and they earn more because they are worth more because there is no longer some centralized agent sucking the lifeforce out of them, scraping away all their gains off the top.


These are the kinds of people who will transition to crypto and never look back. Those networks who provide the opportunity first will earn the reward of diehard brand loyalty.


Once automation takes over, millions of workers will be displaced. It's up to us to train them in a way that is valuable to the new world. Learning to code is an obvious place to start, but there will be many other ways to generate value that haven't even been considered yet.

A new economy is being forged. This economy is the opposite of competitive capitalism. It is cooperative. The days of paying for education are over. The future of crypto is getting paid to become a more valuable citizen. The days of looking for a job are done. In the crypto future the jobs will come looking for you.

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