I guess we already know what caused the next Mega-Bull Run.

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I wasn't even aware that Galaxy Digital bought $134M worth of Bitcoin on June 30th. Look at the insanity of these numbers! Four corporations (relatively small ones) already own more than 2.7% of all minted Bitcoin.

  • This doesn't count lost Bitcoin.
  • This doesn't count the premine.
  • This doesn't count accounts that will hold forever.

This is just the beginning.

Think it stops here? What about Google, Facebook, Walmart, and even big banks? What about Cisco, Oracle, and other tech companies? What about everyone?

Notice anything?

Every one of those companies is up significant value except for the biggest buyer MicroStrategy. That's to be expected though... whales don't make money right away because they create such a big splash on the way in. Again, this is totally irrelevant. Talk to me in a year and tell me they haven't made any money with these purchases.

This trend is only going to continue.

Corporations will continue to stack sats, and when the mega-bull run rolls around what will they say? Oh, well yeah obviously it mooned because all the corporations are buying. Spoiler alert, it was always going to moon. People just have to come up with a reason for everything. It's all make believe.

When it really comes down to it humanity finds itself in an extremely awkward position. Normally when the system fails that system is all we have and we have to reboot it in one way or another. Crypto is allowing the world to opt out of the old broken system and into something new entirely.

Do the math.

None of these corporations bought at $1, $10, $100, or even $1000. Why is that? The answer is simple: $10k Bitcoin is more valuable today than $100 Bitcoin was in 2013. The system is collapsing, and these rats are jumping ship.


Truth be told, I made the same move. I bought a big LEO buy wall at 1.2 ratio with Hive when I could have just as easily bought a ton at 0.05. Does that make me an idiot? Not really. It just means that I'm taking far more into consideration than just the list price. Once again, 1.2 LEO today was worth more to me than 0.05 LEO back then. Simple as that, and the corporations are doing the same with Bitcoin.


So over the next year as everyone yammers on about how X, Y, or Z is the reason for moon, you'll know better. There are a thousand different variables at play here, but the most important one is quite simple:

Humanity has been failing to scale for quite some time now. Trust is the most valuable resource, and at the core of this problem lies a solution: immutable consensus.

Corporations buying doesn't matter. Smart-contracts don't matter. DeFi doesn't matter. ICOs don't matter. The end game, decentralization, was always going to present itself to the world no matter how many alternate realities there are to consider. All roads lead to the same place, how we get there is largely irrelevant.