I think I'm going to quit my job soon.

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After losing like $200k on paper and still having over $100k magic-internet-money left... still making thousands a month on my blog posts, curation, and cub farming... I really have to ask myself: what the fuck am I doing still working at Amazon for $16/h?

Now, I've only worked like a couple days out of the last 3 weeks. Amazon has been offering a ton of voluntary time off, and I've been taking it all, using all my spare time to work on my own Magitek project. I've been leveraging my stimulus payouts into not working so I can develop Magitek more.

I also have plans to move out of state in September, so I might as well get situated with this new reality asap.

I still have 50+ hours left to take off before I get fired (4 hours per shift). I can no call no show until then. At this rate I could take over a month off and not get fired.

There's also a chance I can drop my Saturday and Sunday shifts which are the days that time off is rarely offered. This would allow me to continue VTO (voluntary time off) until September. Hell, I might even be able to pretend like I still work there even after I move out of state considering how much time off is being offered recently.

There's also a rumor about severance package buyouts that I need to look into. Every once and a while when Amazon needs people to quit they will offer money to do so, but you can't work for the company again for x years. Sounds like a damn good deal if I can get it. I may be able to leverage all this time off I have into a payout.



At the end of the day, when I can write a blog post and get paid more than an entire shift at work... why the fuck am I still working for a company that's clearly rolling out facial recognition and authoritarian scanning and tracking?

The other day I clocked into work, you know what I saw? The person at the front gate "checking temperatures" was not looking at the infrared monitor at all. A red box popped up right on the person's face (facial recognition) and they'd get the green light after the face was confirmed. Super cool how they can do facial recognition now even if you're wearing a mask. Love that.

I seriously don't think they've sent a single person home because their "temperature was too high". Shit is crazy. Can't wait till they roll this tech out to the public. I love walking by a camera and having a green circle painted around me that turns red if I get within 6 feet of someone.

In any case, times are changing. I may make the switch to working for Hive full time sooner than anticipated. Not really looking forward to cashing out money every month but what are ya gonna do? Currency is currency. I'm a scrapper anyway I hardly spend any money. Hopefully Magitek brings way more value to the network than I could ever leech from it. Cheers.

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