Jesus vs Satan: When Will Bitcoin Absorb The Legacy Economy?

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The next decade is likely going to be the most historic one in all of human history. The greatest shift of power this world has ever seen is on the horizon.

In one corner we have The Great Satan!

Imperialism, greed, infinite war for profit, legalized slavery via the Prison Industrial Complex, rule by fear and negative reinforcement, divide and conquer tactics, deep state, corrupt politicians by design, tax/wage/debt servitude, blood for money & power, exploitative data manipulation, exponential technological growth focused on control and capitalism, artificial scarcity, apathetic communities with infinite distractions, incompetent leadership through dynasties, redirection of blame onto scapegoats, cancerous growth for growth's sake, yada yada yada.


In the other corner we have Jesus

Infinite peace, love, forgiveness, and abundance. Rule by ideals rather than corrupt representation. Positive reinforcement. All other manner of hippy nonsense.


We've seen who wins time and time again.

We crucified him once, why wouldn't we do it again? The Great Satan can't lose. How could he possibly? He controls all the weapons and land. He employs the most evil scum to do his dirty work. He bends the will, hearts, and minds of the people and coerces them to worship the false-god of greed.

Traded in my God for this one,
and he signs his name with a capital 'G'.

But what if Satan throws the fight?

If there's one thing we can count on: it's that humans are greedy. Mercenaries fight for the highest bidder. What happens when crypto, even though it threatens to automate traditional governance itself, offers those currently in power so so so much money & power that they would quite frankly be fools to not take the deal? We are approaching a situation like this soon™.

humans are greedy

So of course the leaders will try to have their cake and eat it too. They'll take the crypto money but they'll try to bend the system to their will to maintain their power. It might work for a while, but will it work forever? Doubtful.

Little by little the power of the elite will be chipped away by decentralization and the old ways of the world aren't going to make sense anymore. It will happen this way because that is the most profitable outcome for every party by a thousand fold. Humanity has been failing to scale for over a hundred years, and we are now on the brink of the ultimate solution that benefits everyone and everything.

The reason we haven't transitioned to a better system isn't because people are evil and they won't let it happen; it's because there has never been a better system to transition to. Humanity has tried plenty of systems, and they are all garbage, and they all fail to scale. Now for the first time since the literal invention of money, we have that fledgling system that will scale on flat architecture.


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But when moon?

Whelp, the only somewhat reliable predictor I've come across is the Bitcoin doubling curve. The concept is simple enough: the value of Bitcoin is doubling every year. If it continues to do so what do we get?


We can see that if this trend continues for even another 8 years things are going to get extremely out of control. That's just the power of exponential growth, and this time, central banks will not be able to leech all the exponential advances of technology like they have been doing since the 1980's and beyond.

Again, remember that this is just the doubling curve, and every 4 years we seem to get that epic pump and dump presumably due to the halving event. This makes 2021, 2025, and 2029 potential mega-bubble years.


Mega-bubble matters.

So while the price of one Bitcoin is 'only' around $400k in 2025 the mega-bubble could push it higher than $4M a coin for a short time period. That's a market cap of $76T, almost ten times the market cap of gold and on par with USD in circulation.

Four years later in 2029 things get even crazier if the pattern continues to repeat. The market cap for Bitcoin alone, not even counting the rest of the market, would be $1.6 QUADRILLION DOLLARS.

bubble pop.jpg

That is when the legacy economy shatters: 2029/2030

One decade.

Either that or Satan wins and we are in for one hell of a police-state party. I assume we can all see the direction we're being herded in? Infinite lockdown. Automation slowly making these 7 billion slave drones irrelevant. And what do we do with irrelevant assets? They become liabilities, and we don't like liabilities. Lambs to the slaughter.

However, as we see from every human encounter in history, the world is not binary. We don't get one or the other. Rather millions of variables coalesce into a completely unpredictable future. Let the chips fall where they may, much of what happens will be up to random chance.

Both sides win

This is the most obvious outcome. We are even being told this by the "Deep State". 2030 is the target for the Great Reset. All indicators point to the next decade of being the biggest transfer of power the world has ever seen, ten times over or more.

Will the imperialist pigs win or will this new decentralized system of power disrupt all their evil plans? Again, the answer is both, in ways that we couldn't even possibly imagine. That's just the nature of abundance technology paired with rapid evolution and change. Speculation can only go so far. Chaos Theory obscures the future. See you on the other side.

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