Bittrex happens to be my "go to" because we live in the state of Washington... and Bittrex happens to be domiciled in Seattle, WA.

A chunk of the significance of your info request is likely related to that... Washington has hysterically tight regulations on crypto trading, not because of any...

RE: Bittrex Source of Funds

I found Kucoin quite decent to use, and they do have some crypto you cannot find on Binance.

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RE: Market Watch: Knocking Hard on $40k

More locked up funds means an uptick in prices long term. 100k may really happen this year (that 250k still feels a bit surreal to me though)

RE: Bittrex Source of Funds

Anybody taking you to court has to prove that they have jurisdiction over you.
That is a very hard thing to do as they only have force, if you don't give them a pass on their burden.
Force means the game is rigged and you are not getting a fair hearing.

'How does being in a specific geographical ar...

RE: Market Watch: Knocking Hard on $40k
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RE: Market Watch: Knocking Hard on $40k

That is a really good point about people focusing on that 100k point and missing out on something bigger down the road because of it. I am slowly getting myself ready for August and September. Hopefully it will be epic!

RE: Bitcoin Approaches $40,000 - No Sell Pressure

Yeah, I see it now has more resistance, broke $40,000 and new sellers were created I guess.