RE: Big Tech wants your data!

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All you need is someone’s wallet address and you know how much they have.

What do you mean by "someone's"? Perhaps you are referring to the surveillance police state we live in and associated KYC. Bitcoin is 100% private. It's the unrelenting/illegal control grid that is the problem.

Also, if you have a hardware wallet, you know this isn't true. Hardware wallets like Trezor will only use a wallet once. Every "account" has infinite wallets for input/output. It's not nearly as easy to track an "account" as it is to track a single wallet. Not only do hardware wallets have infinite wallets per account, they have infinite accounts per Trezor.

Also, if you start funneling the money through centralized exchanges the only way to track those transactions is with permission from the exchange. Even then, a single transaction on Monero or another privacy coin breaks the link and stops the tracking.

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